Friday, May 6, 2016

a week with my sisters

this past week my sister & (soon-to-be) sister in law were here visiting Waldi & I (and Baby Werwai!) from Canada. It was an amazing fun-filled whirlwind week and today I wanted to share a few photos from our time together here on the blog. 

These last few weeks before our baby is born are quickly dwindling down and we're getting so excited to meet him. But we sure are enjoying our last few pre-baby adventures. I so loved having my sisters here for these precious days together- it's a time I know I'll look back often on. The part where they leave is always hard and all of yesterday I was thinking about them on their flight, landing home at the airport (the smell of Tim Hortons in the air...) and feeling so homesick. But I'm so thankful for every day we had together. Until next time girls! 

Here's a brief look at what we got up to in the last week!

 breakfast & pedicures in the Oberstadt (the old part of the city) to welcome them to town.

an impromptu photoshoot on the way to the movies...

on the Saturday I had a joint baby shower with a friend. So much decorating and so many delicious treats! I can't believe how special it turned out, and it was amazing to have so many of my friends & family there to celebrate our baby. 

 we spent the mornings leading up to the party decorating & baking, picking up fresh flowers from the market and re-arranging our entire apartment to accommodate all the guests. What an amazing feeling to have a house full of women to celebrate with us. It was quite simply overwhelming! 

I never could have pulled it off like this by myself so thanks girls for all your help! 

sunny Sunday afternoon walks while visiting some of the surrounding villages with friends.

 buying friendship bracelets & lunching at a favorite cafe 

 despite the not-always-cooperating weather we had to fit in a little sight seeing: the Elisabeth Kirche & Marburger Schloss are simply must-sees. 

 an amazing birthday breakfast of Dutch Babies cooked by Waldi, decorated by Beth and cleaned up by Abby...I didn't have to do a thing and felt so spoiled! 

goodbye dinner out with friends. delicious food & warm enough to sit outside! 


this trip was basically brought to you by the letter B: birthdays, baby bumps, breakfasts, bakeries & Birkenstocks- both girls bought their first pair...

love you girls. come back and visit us soon! 

(photos are a mix taken by all three of us, plus Waldi)  

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  1. What a nice sweet goodbye for friends. Thanks for sharing your moments.