Saturday, April 9, 2016

let's talk podcasts- one year later

Last year I shared a list of some podcasts I had been enjoying listening to at the time. Since then I've abandoned many of those podcasts, and discovered a few more gems that I can't stop listening to. So today I thought I would share an updated version of that list.

This new list is in the same format as that original one. Podcasts are listed alphabetically. Three stars means I never miss an episode. One star means I've gone through and listened to a few of the archives and two is somewhere in between. If you're interested in podcasts, I hope you find something new from this list! 

A Playful Day // **
I discovered Kate's podcast and blog several months ago and have really enjoyed following along since then. I'm loving the new layout in the most recent episodes, but there are some interviews that are worth going back through the archives for as well.

Coffee & Crumbs // ***
I love the Coffee & Crumbs blog (a collaborative blog about motherhood) and was so pleased to see last month that they started a podcast! It's brand new so there's not a lot of archives yet, but it's one to keep an eye on for sure.

Elise Gets Crafty // **
As a long time reader of Elise's blog, I've been a dedicated podcast listener since the beginning. The first two seasons deal with creativity, motivation and inspiration, while this newest season talks mostly about small business. I don't always listen to the episodes but often check in to see what's new. // ***
This podcast has been off the air for awhile, but the archives are so good it's really worth mentioning here. If you're a knitter looking to expand your knowledge of the craft then this is for you! There are not many episodes so it's totally manageable to go back and listen to them all!

The Lively Show // **
this podcast has two stars only because I've just discovered it and have only had time to go back and listen to one or two episodes. But I will say I'm hooked in the best of ways!

Mystery Show // *
I've listened to a few episodes of this show after seeing it recommended so many times at various places on the web. Though I haven't heard many, all the episodes I've heard have been great. 

What Should I Read Next // ***
This is my new all-time favorite podcast. I can hardly wait each week for the new episodes. Anne from the blog Modern Mrs Darcy talks each episode with a guest about books and does some literary matchmaking in the form of recommendations. I'm constantly adding titles to my Good Reads queue after hearing them discussed on this show.

Woolful // ***
A favorite of mine for awhile now, and a must listen for any fiber enthusiasts out there. 

So that's what I've been listening to lately. I'd love to hear any recommendations for podcasts you've been loving! 


  1. I am yet to listen to knit FM but I've heard only good things about it. Two podcasts I always listen to are Criminal - which focuses on one odd crime per episode, kinda like Seriel in a snippet and ranges from historical crimes to present day ones. Sometimes it can be a little disturbing but also morbidly fascinating.... The other podcast is The Slow Home podcast, it's an Australian podcast on slow/mindful/minimal living. It alternates between interviews with various bloggers, writers, etc on their special view of it and episodes where the wife husband duo who produce it and their efforts and experiments on the subject.

    And a podcast I used to like was Invisibilia but they haven't updated in almost a year :(. And a single episode I would highly recommend is The Living Room by Love + Radio (or radiolab) in which a woman's neighbors never close their blinds and she ends up watching them and forming an attachment to their lives without ever meeting them. It's heartbreaking.

  2. What Should I Read Next is definitely one of my current favorites! My Goodreads list keeps growing every week. :) I think I heard about Elise Gets Crafty from your podcast list last year, and I am so glad! I love it.