Tuesday, April 12, 2016

love where you live

 so today I have a confession to make.

most of the time I love this little city we call home. I love the old buildings and narrow streets, the castle on a hill. I love the cute cafes hiding around every corner and the parks by the river. And I really love that you can get all the way across the city centre on foot in less than 20 minutes. 

But there are times when Marburg to me feels just too small. 

Times when the West Coast girl in me just wants to go to Starbucks. Or, you know, the beach. When these narrow streets & same old cafes and shops seem tired. When it would be nice to spend the day in a large, bustling city without an hour long train journey to arrive there. 

And when this happens, I often try and take a little time to see my city through new eyes. I take a walk, visit favorite places, wander. Take some photographs. Maybe try a new cafe or visit a favorite reading bench.

Because the truth is, there's beauty everywhere. 

And you don't need a Starbucks to see it. 

photos from the last three years of Spring in Marburg

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  1. That really is such a cute little town. I grew up in Europe and moved to Canada in my teens, so I completely understand missing the places and lifestyle you grew up with...except it's quite the opposite for me: I miss the small towns, narrow streets and little, independent shops.

    Hope you're having a great week nonetheless and enjoying spring so far! That magnolia tree is so beautiful!