Monday, January 25, 2016

halfway through

we went last week for our 20 week ultrasound appointment, and I thought that halfway through would be a good point to do a little pregnancy update post.

it's amazing to think that we've already made it past halfway in this pregnancy. on the one hand, things seems to have been moving so quickly, while at the same time, it's hard to remember what life was like before I was pregnant. I'm feeling consistent baby kicks now. They started pretty early, around 18 weeks but at first felt more like little bubbles, or a soft fluttering beneath my belly button. Now it's like being tapped at from the inside. Such an amazing feeling! It's been amazing to feel our baby kicking together or to see him or her through the ultrasounds and hear a heartbeat- these experiences make it all seem so much more real. There really is a tiny human in there and we will be meeting him or her in just four short months! 

It's so incredible to me that my baby can already hear my voice. I've been talking and singing to it, playing it some of my favorite music. Our baby seems to be quite the fan of music, always kicking and dancing around when it's playing in the background. Waldi is of course thrilled about this. I wonder what it sounds like from in there- I imagine it must have some sort of underwater quality. Simply amazing. 

Baby is now roughly the size of a cantaloupe and I've got a bump to prove it. Sometime between Christmas and New Years it really seemed to pop out, haha. Before that, people kept exclaiming how I didn't even look pregnant (which I'm sure they meant as a compliment). But I honestly am so happy to finally be showing- not just looking like I ate too much for lunch. Of course with this comes the challenge of figuring out what to wear. I'm still loving my maternity pants & leggings and have now added a few maternity shirts to my wardrobe, though for the most part a lot of my longer shirts work just fine. I also tend to reach for cardigans or open button-down shirts rather than sweaters now- it's just fun to show the baby bump off a little.

We're currently in the process of moving to a new apartment just two minutes down the street from where we live now. We'll have much more room there, and I'll no longer have to walk up five flights of stairs every time I come home- a fact I'm MUCH anticipating. I can't wait to start puttering around, decorating the nursery and just generally nesting. I've been working on a few baby knitting projects and have also received some beautiful handmade gifts. I tell ya, that baby is already spoiled! 

Though at times, it's been a bit challenging experiencing all of this in German, I am for the most part just very grateful for the incredible support that pregnant mamas receive here- it really is truly amazing. I'm also grateful I have a husband who can translate on demand and who is more than willing to come to every appointment with me. I've been reading a little in German about both pregnancy and childbirth. I started with The Hebammensprechstunde which came recommended to me from multiple sources. I'm hoping of course to do some reading in English too so if you have any book recommendations for me, I'd love to hear them! Even though all my appointments, midwife visits and the birth itself (if the experience even has a language, haha) will be in German, it's still comforting to read about this in your own language, haha. 

Onto the second half of this pregnancy! I'm so looking forward to seeing what it will bring. 


  1. Oh wow, I can imagine that it's not that comfortable to be informed about pregancy issues in a language other than your own. I'm already overwhelmed by all the info I get from everywhere, and that's in my native language!

    It's nice to finally be able to show that cute bump - and yes probably people meant it as a compliment when you weren't showing yet, although it doesnt' always feel like that. I'm much more emotional and easily feel defended by what people say, and don't always understand that people mean it well :-) You have a cute bump!

    Good luck with the next developments of your pregancy, Ruth, and with the move to your new appartment!

  2. I just remembered I do have one book recommendation, though technically it's for after the baby's birth - I loved "French Children Don't Throw Food" by Pamela Druckerman.
    Other than that I can just say we're very happy we decided to do a Hypnotbirthing class for preparation (even though it was very expensive). Whether it will make a difference we'll find out shortly ;)
    Germany is pretty amazing when it comes to medical support and maternity laws, isn't it?
    As for clothing - I didn't buy a lot, just maternity jeans and a couple of t-shirts and dresses. I borrowed some t-shirts from a friend but honestly I can wear most jersey tees even now with a stretchy top underneath. I really believe you don't have to break the bank on maternity clothes (unless you want to of course). Bras is another topic though - I've had to buy new ones at least three times already! Turns out the rib cage really expands along with everything else ;)
    I really look forward to seeing you baby knits!

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