Thursday, January 28, 2016

a long overdue FO: Tambourine Cardigan

Today I am so SO excited to share that I have finally finished my Tambourine Cardigan. I am of course even more excited to have this project off my needles and in circulation in my wardrobe! 

This cardigan started out just a small seed of an idea, at JJ Bean on Main Street in Vancouver with my mom. I remember drinking iced coffees and doing crossword puzzles while I debated what colour yarn to buy before returning to the yarn shop to purchase. 

That was back in August, shortly before I flew back to Germany. I cast on this project at the beginning of October and originally had the idea of finishing it as a Slow Fashion October goal. Obviously that didn't happen, but I am happy to have it done now. I got quite bogged down with all the stocking stitch in the middle of the body, and knitting with such a dark coloured yarn didn't help matters.

In the end, I am so so pleased with the finished result, colour and all. This was my first cardigan, and my first sweater with set-in sleeves. I am loving how they look and was surprised to discover that they really aren't that hard, if you don't mind seaming (which as of recently, I don't). I decided to seam my sweater before blocking, but thinking back on that now, I would probably reverse that order for the next time, and block each piece individually. 

I think this may just well be my very favorite thing I've ever knit. There really is only one step left- choosing and sewing on the buttons. I am thinking of going with small wooden buttons, as I think they'll stand out and complement the yarn nicely. 

However, I am not going to be wearing this cardigan buttoned anytime soon (with that 22 week bump growing) so I'm taking my time and hoping to stumble across the perfect buttons soon. In the meantime, I've knit a small band with the leftover yarn so that I can tie the sweater closed above my bump if it's a little chilly. 

This pattern is from the 2015 Spring edition of Pompom Quarterly. If you're curious you can find my Ravelry project page (and links to the pattern) here

Also, now that I've knit one cardigan I'm already dreaming of the next. I mentioned before that I've got Rosemont in my queue and recently I've been dreaming about (if not seriously considering...) this.


  1. I love the buttons over at woolymossroots, they are US based so they do have to be posted across the continents but they are just gorgeous. And you get to support like minded folk with a small business. Anyway enough of the gush for buttons ... lovely cardigan and you are blooming ...

  2. Beautiful cardigan! Knitting sweaters and cardigans is so addictive, isn't it? I just ordered yarn for my next one :)
    Look at that cute bump of yours, it's really growing now! I find I can still button my cardigans with one button over the bump even now since yarn is so stretchy so it might be an option to add just the one button now.

  3. This sweater turned out beautifully! The color is perfect.
    I've been eyeing the Rosemont cardigan as well. I have only knit a couple of (successful) sweaters, but I recently purchased Hannah Fettig's Home and Away book and have been dying over the patterns all over again.