Friday, November 7, 2014

creative blog hop

Recently I was invited by Kristina (from the lovely blog Litte Home by Hand) to take part in the Creative Blog Hop. I was so honored to be included and jumped at the chance to reflect on and share about these questions. It's no secret that here on my blog I love to share about my process and the reasons that I make things, and I so enjoyed thinking about my answers! 

Make sure to read Kristina's post here

what am I working on?

Fall is always a busy season for me. Not only is it the perfect season for knitting, but it's also the time of year where I feel the most inspired. I'm constantly starting new projects and working on making big ideas become reality.

Recently I've been working together with a friend to create little handmade stands at events here in Marburg. We're raising money for the organization Open Hands by selling our handmade products. For me, this has meant knitting a ton of mitts as well as working together on some Christmas themed products. Excited to share more about this soon!

In terms of my shop, I've got a few patterns in the works that I'm hoping to finalize and test knit soon. I've also started a custom queue for Christmas. This basically means I'm working together with some friends and family members to design the perfect item for the loved ones on their Christmas list. 

And finally, I'm currently teaching a few friends to knit, and planning to host a holiday crafting party. Crafting together with others and passing on this skill is so important to me- it's a way to honor the women who passed it on to me. 

 how does my work differ from others of it's genre?

I truly believe that the process and perspective behind our crafting is different for all of us. I'm inspired by very specific things that make up who I am and where I've come from- a mix of a cozy life at home and the wild wilderness I grew up surrounded by. These things shape the way I see the world. As knitters, we may be working with similar materials (namely, wool or yarn) towards a similar end goal (a scarf, hat, sweater or pair of socks) but the inspiration behind my work, the process and the mistakes I make between Point A and B are all my own. I love this about crafting. 

More specifically, I try to create a cohesive brand with my photos, packaging and products to set me apart from the work of others. I'm still learning so much about this, but I want people to see my work on Instagram, or my blog or in my shop and recognize it as mine. I want it to fit together and share something about who I am. My goal is to create a brand for my work that stands out with it's own unique story.

 why do I create what I do?

I've shared a lot about this before, but I craft because I believe in handmade. I believe that it's both life giving and subversive to spend hours making something with my own two hands that I can then wear or use or give to someone I love. Crafting also connects me to my community and helps me to tell my story.

I mostly knit or crochet because of the process involved. I love picking out the perfect yarn and then slowly seeing it become what I dreamed up or designed. I love that I am somehow involved in each stitch of that garment- it's a kind of magic I just can't get over. I do, however also make things because I want that end product. I want to hold it in my hands, wear it, use it, gift it. Sometimes I come up with my own patterns because I can't find exactly what I'm looking for and sometimes it's because I just want to go out on a limb and try something my own way.

how does my creative process work?

I find that inspiration comes from everywhere- my own life, my city, my friends. Nature and the change of seasons. Books and movies, or a really good meal. Sometimes even a specific colour combination or a new-to-me material.

Once that inspiration strikes and I've got a new idea, I'll usually start working on it right away. I know many people recommend that you let your ideas sit for awhile, but I find I'm often just too excited about it to wait. I want to know right away if it's going to work out. Sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes it's a disaster, but I think that's ok. I like to process my ideas and thoughts and even emotions by making (or writing- which is how I end up with so many long and rambling posts here on this blog). 
I end up abandoning a lot of ideas, but I think it's worth it- I learn so much along the way. 

And sometimes I strike on that one really great idea. If that happens, I get to making it and writing up the pattern. There is a lot of cozy afternoons with coffee and my favorite podcasts involved in this part of the procedure. Then Waldi and I photograph it and I give it a name (if it hasn't already found one for itself along the way) and then (hopefully) I make it a bunch more times!

So there you have it- a little peek into my creative process and inspiration. Thanks for reading, and thanks so much Kristina for inviting me! 


  1. I loved reading your answers to these questions. You put a lot of heart into your answers. I also love your work :) I like how you say you want to find a brand and create something that says who you are. i love your blog keep doing what you do :)

    Lisa :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Lisa. Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I loved reading this, thanks so much for participating, Ruth! I definitely recognize your work when I see it so you're doing a great job creating a cohesive brand. I can so relate to what you write - being involved in every stitch (or seam) of a project is somehow magical. And yes, a lot of my knitting and sewing projects come from wanting a specific item that I can't find to buy!

    1. thanks Kristina- I'm glad to know that my work is somewhat recognizable. Sometimes it's hard to know when I look at it myself because, well...obviously I recognize it :) Isn't it just the best when you're able to make that item you can't find anywhere? I love it! A big part of the magic for sure.

  3. Very cool dude! I loved this format and learning more about you.