Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 Fall Foods & how we eat them

Towards the end of summer, I shared my ideas for what to do with too much zucchini. Zucchini is for me, one of the quintessential summer vegetables, and sharing our favorite recipes got me thinking about what seasonal treats we love to eat the rest of the year. Since I adore Fall and all that comes with it, I decided to share some of our favorite recipes to make now that it's here!

1. Pomegranate

This is one of my all time favorite foods ever. Of course, the seeds are delicious eaten just as they are and make a perfect late night snack. We love adding them to tossed green salads, and couscous or blending them in a smoothie. They're also quite good together with Brussel Sprouts or yams, two other great Fall treats. Yum!

2. Apples

Recently we received a giant bag of apples from a friend's garden. We baked them up into muffins, scones (from this book) and turnovers, ate them with oatmeal and cinnamon, and added them to salads. Also, I made an apple crisp (from this book) for our Thanksgiving that was delicious! 

3. Feldsalat

I'm so glad that this delicious salad is back in season! I'd never heard of it before moving to Germany (in English it's called Lamb's Lettuce) but I'm a huge fan now. It grows in the cooler months of the year, which is pretty convenient. We've been eating it with feta, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, walnuts and fruit (mostly, apples & pomegranate, though also pears). Just add a delicious maple balsamic vinaigrette and you're good to go!

4. Red Beets

You guys. I have a huge appreciation for red beets. Mostly we've been roasting them in the oven with olive oil, onions, and herbs. Sometimes we add feta, or mix in sweet potatoes and carrots. In the photo above we just put all the vegetables on a sheet of puff pastry and made a tart. Borscht is also the perfect option for cooler days. 

5. Pumpkin 

In my humble opinion, pumpkin is the star of the Fall vegetable show. We've of course made bread, cookies and pie, but that's just the beginning. Soup is also a staple around here this time of year. We make our pumpkin soup with carrots, potato and coconut milk and then blend together. I also made Pumpkin Pasties for a HP party we had last month. They were delicious, and I'd recommend them to fans and non-fans alike! Lastly, I made our own Pumpkin Pie spice mix to add to our baked goods. (I think I'm in danger of going a little pumpkin crazy!)

What are you guys eating now that the cooler months are here? 


  1. Mmh, that looks soo good! I'm really bad at cooking but I am a huge fan of brussels sprouts. Can't get enough of them in the winter. I love just sprinkling them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and roasting them with nuts in the oven. Feldsalat is one of my favorites too!

    1. that sounds delicious! I bought Brussel Sprouts yesterday and just may have to try that tonight!