Monday, November 10, 2014

adventures in baking bread (part 3)

one of my Fall goals is to explore the art of baking bread. Just me, in my kitchen, kneading dough with my own two hands (...and a very happy husband of course!) This is the third list of recipes I've tried for this project. You can read about the others here.

sweet bread: cinnamon pull apart bread

recipe I used: this one from Joy the Baker

my thoughts: this was a very easy to follow recipe. It was also a lot of fun stacking the dough together and it looked great... and I did like how it turned out, though to be honest, I'd rather have had a cinnamon bun.

will I make this again: If I did, I would add more cinnamon & sugar, put icing on it and... hmm... maybe I'll just make cinnamon buns.

basic bread: honey whole wheat bread

recipe I used: this one from Local Milk blog

my thoughts: this bread was really delicious, though I left it in the oven a bit too long I believe. The recipe calls for a mixer, which I don't have, so I kneaded by hand for 10 minutes and that worked out just fine. Also, please excuse the crumbs on the table in the above photo.  Embarrassing, but I couldn't wait until after taking the photo to try the bread. (this is also why the left half of the bread is not in the shot...) 

will I make this again: we've got an abundance of whole wheat flour right now (bought more by accident when attempting to restock our white flour, oh the joys of shopping in German...) so I think I'd better. I will however take it out the oven a bit sooner next time.

non-loaf bread: naan

recipe I used: this one I found through pinterest

my thoughts: we love our curry night. we do curry night like some families do homemade pizza night. It's warm, comforting, and not all that difficult to make once you get the hang of it. I usually buy our naan, but when I started this project, I knew homemade naan had to be on the list. I used half whole wheat flour (see above) when I made these, and although it's a suggestion in the recipe, it was (in my humble opinion) a mistake. These tasted pretty good, but the texture was a bit off for naan.

will I make this again: I would really like to try again without the whole wheat flour and see how it goes. I'm not of course, anti whole wheat, but I do think sometimes there are things you shouldn't mess with. apparently naan bread is one of them. live and learn! 

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