Friday, July 25, 2014

life lately

making progress on my little woodland blanket
excited that Waldi has semester break right now
reading absolutely everything I can by & about the Brontë sisters
realizing how long it takes to make socks to fit Waldi
but excited to start my next pair of socks for me!
eating so much zucchini (more on this later...)
thinking this tip will come in handy
inspired by this sweater modification project
loving how beautiful our city is in the summertime
clearing out the shop to make room for Fall!


  1. Hy Ruth, I have to ask you: do you find Etsy at all great for an online shop?
    I closed mine because it's wasn't selling anythign so I kinda give it up. I'm desapointed with it.

    1. Hi Cat! Currently, as it's summer, I haven't really been doing much with Etsy, although last Fall I had a (small) amount of success with it. I sell mostly here in brick and mortar stores and custom orders for friends, and I kind of prefer it that way, although I did spend some time in the last months learning a bit more about Etsy and hope to really grow my shop in the Fall. I think it sometimes takes time to grow a shop. I've heard lots of people here talking about Dawanda, although I personally don't enjoy using the site. You could give that a try if you're looking for something new!