Monday, July 21, 2014

watermelon salad

so, in keeping with my new habit of sharing recipes on the blog, here is another perfect summer dish we've been enjoying recently.

Watermelon salad seems to be everywhere right now. This doesn't surprise me, as it's seriously good. I mean, seriously. Here is how I like to make mine in 4 easy steps!

1. Cut up half of a watermelon and about a quarter of a cucumber into bite-sized pieces.

2. (very) finely slice a handful of onion. I like to use red onion best, but you can use a white onion (as pictured) as well.

3. chop a rather large handful of mint leaves into small pieces
(sometimes I crumble in a bit of feta here too...)

4. throw everything in a bow, squeeze on the juice of half a lime, mix around a bit and enjoy! 

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