Friday, August 1, 2014

life around the table

earlier this week we had a few friends come to stay with us. Jess & Jemma are both Brits who spent several years in Canada, working and doing life together with Waldi, myself and many other lovely people. It was so great to see them both after 3 & 4 years (respectively), to catch up on life, show them our town, and enjoy a little time off together. 

These days spent together reminded me of a few things. First, I am so SO thankful for friendship in my life that gets better with age. It is so incredibly wonderful to see people again that you haven't seen in years and realize that you are able to still be yourself around them, to be honest and deep and process through old memories with it's needed. And then to (effortlessly) switch gears and have a good hard laugh. 

I noticed in the past few days how refreshing it is to spend time with people who have known you for years, and who accept that your journey has brought you new places...while at the same time realize that things also haven't changed all too much :) 

The second thing that I was reminded of is how much I believe in doing life together around the table. Somehow (completely unconsciously) the ideas and "plans" Waldi and I made for the days spent together had mostly to do with food: sitting around the table and doing life together. Jemma made the observation on our second night together that we had basically shared communion- bread and wine, community, honesty and friendship. You guys, I believe in this with all my heart- life together around the table. It was so wonderful and refreshing to know that it's still possible though years have passed!

Thank you Jess & Jemma for taking the time to come and see us and do life with us for just a few days. We're grateful for you both! (and I know I'll think about getting stuck in that rain storm together often in the weeks to come!)

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