Wednesday, June 18, 2014

summer knitting

I am a knit-all-year kind of knitter. 

I know that not everyone is- and with good reason. But let's just say that summer is not one of my 3 favorite seasons (there are many reasons for this, one of them being that I have a mild allergy to the sun...yes, the sun. as my husband likes to remind me the source of all life) and so I wouldn't want to make it worse by taking away one of my very favorite creative outlets. 

That being said, I do often switch the sorts of projects that I work on. For example, using plant fibers, working on smaller projects, or even switching to crochet are all great solutions for when it gets really warm out.

But sometimes a girl's just gotta knit. And when the inspiration strikes in 30+ degree weather, the only thing to do is to pick up those needles and design that big cozy scarf that no one's even going to think about until Fall.  

(if you're a knitter, I'm you knit all year round?)


  1. I'm not a knitter but I crochet all year around! I don't care! I needdddddd to! :)
    I switch to cotton yarn and many diferent ways and do lighter projects.
    I can't help it......

    Love Cat.
    34º celsius in Portugal......... too hot!

    1. oh dear- 34 degrees is crazy! It gets pretty warm here too, but I'm with you, I can't help crocheting/knitting!

  2. I love knitting all year round. I also love summer knitwear. Working on one now.
    Your photos are great!

    1. thanks very much! knitting all year round is the best ;)