Friday, June 20, 2014

little list of Summer Goals

I loved working my way through my little list of Spring Goals the past three months. Though it's technically not officially summer for another few days, I've already got a head start on a few of these and thought I might as well share! 

1. try new summer recipes 

Though Summer isn't my favorite season (as I mentioned on Wednesday...) one thing I do love is the fresh, local fruits and veggies it brings. I've made a list using the summer section of every seasonal cookbook I own of things to try. (I'll make sure to share the best ones here!) 

2. crochet a blanket

I've already started this and I'm loving it! No idea if it's reasonable to think I can finish this over the next three months but we'll see how it goes. 

3. go to England

or France. or the Netherlands. Living so close to so many wonderful places gives us no excuse not to visit them! Hope we can make this happen this summer. 

4. journal every day

I kept a journal faithfully up until we moved to Germany. For awhile, I found that it was exhausting to write after an entire day spent with foreign words bouncing around in my brain. And then I just got out of the habit. So, this summer I would like to write something every day. 

5. ride my bike just for fun

Mostly I use my bike for getting to work. I would really love to ride more often without a destination or time frame. Just to see where I end up and what I discover along the way.  

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