Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring Goals Recap

a few months ago I shared this little list of personal goals that I wanted to focus on this past Spring season. Well, as evidenced by the recent heat stroke here in Germany, Spring is over (though I know, not officially...) and this has me thinking about my little list of goals for Summer. 

I'll share those later this month, but before I do, I thought I would recap how this went with the last list! So here are my thoughts on each of the goals from this past season:

1. keep my small herb garden alive

so far so good! I even added mint, so that makes 4 different herbs currently living on our window-sill. I've really been enjoying caring for (and tasting) this little postage stamp sized garden! 

2. knit a pair of socks (or two!)

this went really well. I made my polka dot socks and then went on to make a pair of self-striping socks for a KAL (you can read more about this here). I'm now working on my third pair and there's no end in sight! 

3. host a birthday celebration

I'm so glad I did this! It was so lovely having our apartment packed full with friends for the afternoon & evening, enjoying good food, drink, and conversation. I love my friends! (more about this here)

4. join a fitness class

Really happy I decided last minute to add this to the list. I've found the most perfect class- a mix of aerobics and strength training with a really lovely group of women. (again, more on this here)

5. learn to spin

This hasn't been quite as successful as I was hoping. I have managed to spin up one small ball of fiber, but it's quite uneven and I've got a LOT of practice to do. Still, it's been fun learning something brand new and I can't wait to spend more time practicing. 

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