Monday, June 23, 2014

crochet pattern: country cottage washcloth

Today I thought I would share a little pattern with you all. Last week, I was talking about knitting & crocheting in warm weather, and I think this would be a perfect project for any Summer afternoon! These simple crochet cloths are super fast and easy to make, but a lot of fun. Plus the colour combinations are endless! 

(Note: I am using US crochet terms for this pattern. You will be working in treble crochet stitch (tr), or in UK terms, double treble crochet stitch)

You will need:
cotton yarn (in two complimenting colors)
3.5-4mm crochet hook 

using main colour yarn, chain 27. chain an extra 3 to form your building chain.

row 1: work in tr crochet stitch, starting from 4th chain from your hook to end of row (=28 stitches)

row 2: turn work, chain 3 (counts as 1 tr stitch), and work one tr crochet stitch into each stitch in the row below (=28 stitches)

repeat this row 8 times, until you have 10 rows in total. cut yarn and weave tail through loop.

switch to contrasting colour, slip stitch into one of the corners of your work.

*chain 3, skip 1 stitch, single crochet (SC) into 2nd stitch from hook. repeat from * around until you have a complete border. end with a slip stitch in your first chain 3 space.  

Now all that's left is to make a stack of them in different colours and store them in your kitchen for easy use! 

If you're not a crocheter, I also sell these here and here

(I originally shared this project when I was featured as Cut out And Keep's Knit & Crochet Superstar. You can see the interview here)

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