Wednesday, February 12, 2014

tools for learning to knit

People often ask me if I will teach them to knit or crochet. While I love sharing the knowledge that I have, there's no way I could actually teach everyone who asks me! (Partly because I don't have enough time and partly because many of them live in different parts of the world than I do)

Tutorials are not really one of my blogging strengths. ( that a thing? blogging strengths? I have no idea!) I love writing patterns and sharing them, but I'm not really one to go through the step by step how-to for someone who's a complete beginner. 

That being said, today I've decided to offer a round-up of all the best tools and materials I know for learning to knit! If you are looking to learn, I hope you'll find something in here that helps you. If you are already an experienced yarn crafter, then I hope you find something here to broaden your knowledge or inspire you!

All right, here we go:
  • if you've never cast on or knit a stitch before, check out this really great tutorial series from Rebekka Seale on the Bleubird blog. 
  • if you're hoping to really embrace knitting as a craft, but are unsure of where to start, Karen Templer has a great section on her blog Fringe Association about beginning to knit. It includes thoughts on starting, as well as advice, lists of tools you'll need and pattern suggestions.
  • if you've already learn the basics, but are struggling to master certain techniques, try this collection of how-to videos from Knitbot
  • if you're looking for some great knitting patterns, check out Jane Richmond's shop. She's got some great designs and many are simple enough for beginners
  • if you're an experienced knitter looking to deepen your knowledge of your craft, check out this podcast with Pam Allen and Hannah Fetig
  • and lastly; probably one the most valuable tools I have had while teaching myself to knit has been my knitting dictionary, sometimes also called a stitchonary. The one I use was my grandmother's- it's so old that it's falling apart at the seams! But I've recently discovered that Vogue Knitting has an online collection. How exciting!
Of course, the easiest way to learn is still to ask someone to teach you. But armed with a little determination, anything is possible!

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