Monday, August 19, 2013

weekend craftiness

this weekend was a big one for projects. I've been working non-stop all week on things for my shop, and so I decided to take a little break and get to a few things that have been on my list for ages...

like, for example, this simple quote-able wall art. I've been seeing these around various places on the web for months now, and have always meant to get around to trying it. I even had a picture from the Flea Market in storage. We bought it originally for the frame and weren't sure what to do with the picture inside, since it wasn't really our style. So, two and two came together this weekend.

I know a lot of people use stickers for their letters on this. But I decided in the end to just draw out mine and paint around them. (this was mostly because I did not have letter stickers...) In the end it worked out fine, but was a little more time consuming.

I picked this simple quote (from the Mumford & Sons song) because I think it says a lot in just a few words. And sometimes we all need a little reminder to wake up! It's perfect for the growing collection of things hanging on the wall in our bedroom.

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