Wednesday, August 21, 2013

learning as you go

There are things about this whole handmade business deal that come easier to me; I can think up new designs to try. I have no problem spending hours knitting and crocheting. And all I need to do is sit down and start typing, and words come to me. 

Then there are the not so easy areas. The putting-myself-out there part. The number crunching part. And, I'll just say it... the taking photos part.

this is the first photo I took for my shop. It took me ages to stage it: to design all the elements, get the lighting right, stand at the exact right angle. And no one really wants to know how many photos I ended up taking to get to this (imperfect) point.

I am no photographer.

Oh sure, I can fake it on instagram no problem. But beyond that, I'm not much of a picture-taker. On every high school trip I went on, I was the girl writing frantically about what she'd seen in her journal and then asking for other people's pictures when we got back home. I have never even owned a camera in my life! (the one I use right now belongs to Waldi). 

But I know how important quality photos are to a business like the one I am attempting to start. I've read the books and seen the blogs, and understand the visual aspect to online shopping. It's just that I feel a little out of my league. I am majorly learning as I go here. 

And while there's a part of me that's a little scared by that, the louder part is telling me that it's more than ok. There is nothing wrong with learning as you go. I really don't have room for perfectionism in my art anyways. 

And so for now, we'll just keep going. Photo by photo. One at a time. 

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