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Make 9 2019

bringing back the blog for one of my favourite times of year (which in German is so aptly called "between the years") - these slow, reflective days just before the year turns, which I use to look back on this past year, as well as plan and dream for the one ahead.

 Last year for the first time I decided to participate in the Make 9 challenge. At the beginning of the year I picked 9 projects that I wanted to make (in my case, mostly knit) for my handmade wardrobe. In the end, I didn't get even a little bit close to finishing this project. I ended up with 4 finished items for myself (not counting hats and socks) and two of these weren't even on my original Make 9 grid. But what did happen through my participation in this project is that I got waaaaay more intentional about what I was knitting. I knit from my stash, including a few lonely skeins that I was really unsure how to use. Even the two projects that were rather impulsively cast on (my Tegna and Arboreal) were still carefully considered as I had to remove a project from my Make 9 grid each time to accomodate the cast on. The result is that I'm happier with my finished items than I've been in awhile. 

And so it only seemed natural to me to continue on with this format for 2019. I thought through the items that were left on my grid at the end of this year, and picked a few to carry over, while letting go of some others. Then I thought through the current holes in my wardrobe. For me this is summer tops that I love and feel comfortable in, and basic, workhorse sweaters for every day wear. With this in mind, I've created a loose Make 9 for 2019, with more summer knits, basic sweaters and a few shawls just for fun! 

I suppose I should mention that I didn't include any socks here- but that doesn't mean I won't be knitting them! Socks are a HUGE hole in my handmade wardrobe and I've always got a pair or two in the works in the background, I just decided to go ahead and leave them off this list. I've also got a few projects (commissions, samples & gifts mostly) that I'll be working on this year that will take precedence to the Make 9 projects, so we'll see how it goes! But as I said above, I'm honestly not concerned at all about finishing all these items- I'm more concerned about making within the guidelines that they provide and keeping the mindfulness I was able to introduce to my knitting life this past year. 

So here's my Make 9 projects for this year:

1. Weekender Sweater (designed by Andrea Mowry & knit in Homestead, the new base from my own little company, r&s yarn!)

I've already cast this on (this morning actually!) and I'm super excited to have this basic, staple, every day sweater in my wardrobe.

2. Stokur Shawl (designed by Melody Hoffman)

This is a carry-over from last year's Make 9 grid. As much as I love triangle shaped shawls, I tend to wear longer, wrap-style shawls a lot more frequently. I love the simplicity of this design as I think it will make it easy to wear, without of course being plain. I'm thinking of trying out Tukuwool Fingering (which I've been dying to get my hands on) but I'm stuck on a color!

3. Lucinda Pullover (designed by Carrie Hoge, from Madder Anthology 2 and knit in Moeke yarns Elena)

I've just finished the body on this and am about to separate for the sleeves. While in Canada this summer, I decided to purchase a sweater's quantity of Elena for my only stash enhancement and although it's a bit thinner than the yarn the pattern calls for, I really thought they would be a good match. Fingers crossed I can get the fit right on this one!

4. Something from the Making Stories Stripes collection! (pictured here is the Stripur pullover)

This photo is a bit of a placeholder as I've not yet decided which of the designs I'm going to make from this collection first. I plan to make both Stripur, the pullover pictured here as well as the Rayure pullover at some point. Though I'm thinking that I might end up doing Suora or Juova this year (both tops) as that will help me fill out my wardrobe hole a little better. I'll be definitely using Lino Muka linen yarn for either of those tops, and for the pullovers would probably pick the Silke Tweed from Magazin Duett. But again, this is a bit of a wildcard pick so I'm going to have to consider it a bit further.

5. Telja Sweater (by Knit Love Wool, shown here knit by Colleen of Postscript Love in Lettlopi)

While in Iceland I purchased a sweater's quantity of Lettlopi to make this sweater in a very similar color palate to Collen's version pictured above. I'm excited to turn this very special yarn into a sweater that will remind me of our trip, though I don't think I'll be getting to this project for quite a few months yet. 

6. Plumetis Shawl (by Melody Hoffman)

While on the hunt for a project to use up a lonely skein in my stash I stumbled upon this shawl and fell in love! The skein I was hoping to use up is an off-white skein of Manos Del Uruguay Milo, a mix of wool & linen. I think it will pair perfectly with Purl Soho's Linen Quill, which I'd love to get a skein of this spring while in New York. So I can use up my stash as well as add in a skein of souvenir yarn, which feels like a double win.

7. Bobbie (by Pam Allen, knit in Quince & Co Willet)

I've honestly loved this design ever since it was first released a few years ago, but I must admit that I completely forgot about it. I'm mostly drawn to the woollier, cold-weather knits and this pullover just wasn't on my radar. But I'm glad I discovered it while going through my Pinterest boards to create this grid, as I think it's the perfect transitional piece and will help me add another summery top to my wardrobe. I'd really love to knit this in Willet, which is Quince's line of cleaner cotton (most likely in Mast & Windlass or Sail) so hopefully I can get my hands on that somewhere here in Europe!

8. Sauvabelin (by Jessica Gore, knit in r&s Origin)

Another carry-over project from last year's Make 9. I really really want this sweater, so I'm hoping I can carve out some time to knit on it once we get our shipment of Origin 2.0 sometime in 2019. 

9. Solano (by Stella Egidi from BREEZE, knit in Wollen Berlin's Lino Muka Lithuanian Linen yarn)

Ever since I first visited Wollen and saw their linen yarn line, I've wanted to make a sleeveless top. It's just taken me a bit of time to pick which one! I think I've settled on the Solano tunic, but I KNOW I've settled on the colorway Yellow Ochre for my top. I've excited to knit this up hopefully in time to wear all summer long! 

PS: I know there are no links in this post, but all these designs can be easily found through a Ravelry search. Also, if you're curious to see what else I knit in 2019, you can do so here.

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