Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August's quote

"do good work and share it with people"
-Austen Kleon

First saw this in the window of a book store in Dublin four years ago now. I remember storing it away in my mind, like a mantra for the months to come. I still need this reminder all these years later.


  1. It's a great quote, and like you, I still need this reminder constantly. I can do the work, but sharing somehow is the hardest part for me, even though I'm proud of and happy with what I'm doing. When I do make an effort to share consistently and be more visible, I feel like it takes so much out of me that I don't have enough focus left for actually doing the work, so I'm currently working on striking a balance with these two.

    Hope your having a great week!

  2. Nice quote for August. I think it is important that we share our work with others and inspire others and ourselves each day. Hope you have a happy month!