Tuesday, January 31, 2017

yarn crushes: UK Edition

it's been much much too long since I did a yarn crush post (see here and here for previous posts) Recently I've been really into exploring yarns that are local to me here in Europe. I mean, I love Quince and Co as much as the next knitter and will continue to purchase from them for future projects, but while I'm living here, I thought it would be good to try knitting with yarn that comes from a little more close to home. 

I'm in central Germany, but I've decided to start with a list of yarns that are based out of the UK, since I've got them piling up in my stash currently. There will be a post on yarns from elsewhere in Europe (as well as one on Canadian yarn!) soon. But for now, I hope you discover something on this list that you'd be interested in trying too!

Blacker Yarns // Cornwall, England

I am a huge fan of all the yarn I've knit with and purchased from Blacker yarns- I used the Westcountry tweed to make my Moorland Mitts and loved it. And I've got two skeins of the Cornish Tin II (photo at the bottom of this post) sitting in my stash that I can't wait to turn into a lovely shawl.

Hedgehog Fibers // Ireland

So I actually purchased this at Valley Yarn in Surrey, while I was in Canada over Christmas. I've got one skein in the Unicorn colorway, which is lovely and speckled. I'm thinking I'll turn it into a pair of Mashed Potato socks, designed by The Wool Club but for now it's sitting happily atop my yarn basket, patiently waiting it's turn. 

New Lanark Double Knitting // Scotland

This was one of my Edinburgh purchases. I got two skeins in the copper green tweedy colorway, one for me and one for my mom. I think after much deliberation, we're going to make fingerless mitts. This is also the yarn that the Woodland Tales mittens call for, by the way. I'd love to order another skein at some point, maybe in a nice chocolate brown for that project.

West Yorkshire Spinners // Yorkshire, England

Total impulse buy, but I'm glad I went for it. I've got one skein of Blue Faced Leicester, undyed in it's natural neutral glory. I don't have an exact project in mind but I'm thinking maybe (more) mittens. What can I say, I just love mittens! 

Shilasdair yarns // Isle of Skye, Scotland

So, as I mentioned in this post, I've got two skeins of Shilasdair sock yarn dyed with marigold and onion skins. I'm not entirely sure what pattern I'm going to use for them, but I'm thinking something nice and cable-filled. I also picked up a skein of their luxury DK dyed with indigo and tansy (photo at top of post) that I turned into a simple stockingette hat for Waldi- I'm hoping to use the rest and make a matching little hat for C. Better get on that!

Black Isle Yarns // Scottish Highlands

This was a last minute edition to this list, but after swatching extensively with this yarn for my pattern for WOODS, I just had to add it in. It's honestly some of the nicest yarn I've ever worked with, even (dare I say it...) possibly THE nicest. Seriously. I like it that much. Stay tuned for more details of what it becomes! 

so there you have it! a lovely little list. as I've mentioned, stay tuned for more yarn-y related posts coming up soon but for now, I'd love to hear what yarn you've recently been working with and loving!

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