Saturday, January 14, 2017

queue check

after having said in my last post that I've decided this year not to really set any goals, I did come up with one goal for my fiber pursuits: devote more time to them.

whether that means knitting more, or investing the time to really practice spindle spinning or even try my hand at dying yarn (all things I plan to do), my main focus this year is going to be on putting aside distractions and using whatever available time I can find on this craft that is so dear to my soul. 

going along with my guiding word for this year, I do hope that I will grow in my knowledge and skill level as I try new things, but my main focus is going to be on crafting because I love it.

so, what projects do I have planned? well, thanks to my recent trips to both Scotland and Vancouver, I've got a basket full of delicious yarn just waiting to be turned into special projects. here's what on the list:

Woods Design // Black Isle Yarns 

Back in the Fall, I submitted a design to the book WOODS, which is a pattern collection featuring natural yarns from Europe. I was so honored and a little surprised that my design has made it into the book! I'm going to be working with the incredible Black Isle Yarns (which are from Scotland, how perfect is that?!?) and I honestly can't wait to work more with this yarn.

Arctic Cowl // Drops Alpaca

I received the newest edition of Making magazine as a Christmas gift with my mom and was blown away with the lovely projects and patterns found in it's pages. I especially love how there's such a mix of projects. My sister fell in love with Carrie Hoge's Arctic Cowl and we picked out this yarn together while I was in Vancouver. The pattern calls for angora, but my sister is allergic to rabbits, so we figured alpaca would be a nice substitute. 

Heidie Shawl // Blacker Tin II

I first tried this pattern back in the Fall of 2015, but the yarn I picked was all wrong. It had been on my mind again recently, as a possibility for this very special yarn I bought in Edinburgh. When I visited Valley Yarn shop with a friend over Christmas, they had a version of this hanging in the window and that was it- I knew I had to cast on. So that's what I'll be starting next. 

Woodsy Hat // Brooklyn Tweed Loft

Over the holidays, I ordered a skein of BT Loft (pictured above) because I was curious to get my hands on it and see what it was like. I'm thinking the Woodsy hat from Manderines might be a nice choice for it. Melody's designs are always favorites and I like how only one skein (50g) are needed for this project.

Winding Way Socks // Ginger Twist Studio sock

It's been awhile since I've had a pair of socks on the needles and Spring is coming up! This is a beautiful design from Emily of Tin Can knits, inspired by Edinburgh's old town, which feels especially fitting as that's where I picked up this yarn. I've got no deadline for this project, so I'll probably wait a few months to cast on, but I'm excited to do so.

Lainey Cowl // Lion Brand Hudson's Bay

This is a fun last minute project that I've just recently added to the list. While in Michael's with my mom over Christmas (looking for items for my brother's wedding favors) we found this yarn- the color way is inspired by the classic Hudson's Bay blanket (the same blanket that also inspired this shawl). I love this pattern and I think having this cozy cowl to wear will remind me of home. 

Wild Feather mitts // New Lanark DK

This is also a pattern found in Making magazine that my mom and I fell in love with. I think we're both going to knit them up (using the same yarn, since I bought her some in Scotland as well) so maybe we'll have a little knit-along at some point?

okay, well there you have it: my knitting plans for the next few months (or longer- it'll probably take me awhile to make my way through this list). I'm so excited about each of these projects and to get the chance to work with these yarns! what projects do you have planned for this year? I'd love to hear what your working on, or planning to cast on!


  1. I adore this post! May need to print and put on my bulletin board. I am easily distracted by dreaming, browsing and thinking...time that could be devoted to actually making. Cannot wait to see what's next for you. Happy New Year.

  2. These all sound like beautiful projects! I need to do a queue check soon.
    I knit a Woodsy hat in Loft and it's beautiful. It's a bit small, but I'm planning on blocking it and hopefully it grows a bit.

  3. Well done on having your pattern accepted for publication, look forward to hearing of its release.

  4. Agreed dude! I want to devote my time to learning to knit socks and sweaters and cables. I really want to grow my knitting skills.