Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall & Winter Reading List

so it's that time again- time to share a new reading list! I've put together this list for the coming cooler months and I am super excited about it. Back in July, my mom gave me a Kobo e reader (the Canadian version of a Kindle) and it's been amazing. I previously struggled to find a lot of books (particularly new releases) in English. I would often add a book to my TBR list, or one of my book lists for the blog, with every intention of reading it, only to struggle to find it for several months before I forgot completely about it! So, I've included a lot more newly released books on this list than normal because I now know exactly where to get them. 

Also, as a bonus, I've gone back through my previous lists to find those books that slipped through and got forgotten but that I'd still really like to pick up. You can see those at the end of this post, and you can see my previous book lists here.

Alrighty, so without further chatter, here's what I'm hoping to read over the next few months: 

Present Over Perfect // Shauna Niequest
Okay so I loved LOVED Shauna's book Bread and Wine and have been anticipating the release of this one for ages. From the blurbs, reviews and sample chapter I've read, I'd say it's got a message that I really need to hear and I'm so excited to dive in deeper. 

Talking as Fast as I Can // Lauren Grahame
This is the newest new release on this list- it doesn't come out until November, but you can bet I'll be downloading my copy asap. I read Lauren Grahame's first book several years ago and really enjoyed it, and I am (of course) a massive Gilmore Girls fan. I've been re-watching all the old episodes, in preparation for the new ones, and so the release of this book feels very timely. 

Commonwealth // Ann Patchett
A new Patchett novel? I'm so in! This one just came out this month and I'm really excited to dive in soon.

Four Seasons in Rome // Anthony Doer
Recently I've been really interested in books about writing, particularly if they're by authors I know and respect. After reading All the Light We Cannot See this past spring, I was excited to find out about this book. Doer tells the story of how he and his wife (and their newborn twins!) pack up and move to Italy for a year of writing. I think this sounds lovely and fascinating, especially since the novel he's working on is All the Light (which apparently took him 10 years to write!). Super interesting stuff and I can't wait to pick this one up.

Murder on the Nile // Agatha Christie
Planning to listen to this one as an audio book with Waldi on our trip to Scotland. Seems like the perfect cozy mystery for driving through the highlands. 

Longbourn // Jo Baker
I've been hoping to read this book for AGES and my mom just told me she's got a copy of it that I can borrow when we go home this Christmas. I think it sounds like the perfect holiday read and I'm really looking forward to it.

The Zimzum of Love // Rob & Kristen Bell
I'm a huge fan of Rob Bell (he had me hooked at Velvet Elvis and really won me over with Love Wins) but I've not picked up either of his newest books. I've recently started going back and listening through the archives of his podcast, and I listened to one episode where he chats with his wife about this book, which they wrote together over a year and a half. Super intrigued about this- not only because of what it's about, but also because I cannot imagine writing a book with my significant other, haha! 

And, as promised, I'm hoping to get to the following titles from previous lists:

I Capture the Castle // Dodie Smith
Planning on ordering this one for our trip to Scotland and I've got images of being curled up with it in front of a roaring fire with a mug of cocoa on a rainy evening...ahhh Fall...

Career of Evil // Robert Galbraith 
I've been waiting for my local library to get a copy of this in English for ages (they have the first two in the series) and it's just not happening, so I may have to take things into my own hands and order this one as well...

as always, I would love to hear your recommendations. what are you guys planning to read this fall?

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  1. An excellent list! I just finished reading All The Light We Cannot See a few weeks ago, and I was surprised at how dense of a novel could be such a page turner, it was excellent. I also adored When Breath Becomes Air, if you haven't read it yet - it was SO good.