Monday, July 4, 2016

pregnancy favorites- the second half

so I never quite got around to posting this before C was born and then I completely forgot about it. When I saw it saved in my drafts the other day I decided to post it anyways, without editing anything. Funny to read it through now that my pregnancy is over, but I still wanted to share so here it is: 

I shared a list of pregnancy favorites several months ago, in my second trimester. Though most of the items on that list are still staples for surviving pregnancy around here, I thought it might be fun to share some other items that I've discovered since then, particularly those which are helping me survive these last few tricky weeks. so here we are- one more list of pregnancy favorites!

lavender oil & bath salts

I've long been aware that the scent of lavender can help you to relax and even sleep, and these last few weeks I've started relying on it pretty regularly. On days when it feels impossible to get comfortable, or when I'm having trouble sleeping, I've started taking baths with lavender salts or massaging my feet with lavender lotion. Even if it doesn't fix all sleeping discomforts, it's a lovely scent to relax to. 

raspberry leaf tea

this was one of several home remedies recommended to me to help my body get ready for childbirth. I've been drinking a cup every day for these last few weeks and though I can't be sure of course that it will make any difference, it feels good to have some sort of way of preparing. I know a lot of women don't much care for the taste of raspberry leaf tea but I quite enjoy it. As the weather warms up, I'm planning to try it iced using this recipe

maternity dresses

So as much as I loved my maternity jeans & leggings, these last few weeks I've been living in dresses. They're just what's most comfortable at this point. I have a few maternity dresses as well as some non-maternity dresses that still fit, and even one dress I made myself from an old dress I didn't like and a white tank top. These have been life savers now that the weather is warmer and my belly is so big!

childbirth classes

my natural tendency when learning something new is to read ALL the books I can possibly get my hands on. And while I have done my fair share of reading up on child birth, it was our birthing classes that really helped to calm my mind and make me feel informed. 

a good set of thank you cards

Baby Werwai has been so spoiled already by friends & family from all over the place. It's been great to have a stack of thank you cards at the ready so I can send them out now, before he arrives and everything else gets pushed to the back burner. These (shown in the photo above) were designed by my sister

prenatal yoga

I loved my prenatal yoga classes and though they've been finished for quite awhile now, I was able to create a short yoga routine for home practice that I've used pretty consistently. It's been great to help keep me active and feeling connected to both my baby and my body.

nursing pillow for sleeping

this has been a serious life saver. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to order it- seriously. I picked a nursing pillow that is a little larger (like most are here in Germany) so that I could use it to help me sleep at nights, and it sure has helped me get some much needed rest.

Although we had our list of top names pretty quickly, I enjoyed browsing through this website for ideas and looking up the meanings of names we both liked. It can be easy to fall down a rabbit hole though and start considering names that aren't even on our list! 

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