Thursday, April 28, 2016

Summer Reading List

Obviously I'm aware that my reading time is going to decrease dramatically in just a few weeks time. And I've got no romantic delusions about making my way completely through this list. But I do hope to take some time over the next weeks and months to make it through a few books, to find a quiet moment here and there to flip through a few pages and hopefully feel a little like myself. So, here's a list of books I'm hoping to have ready and on hand when one of those moments presents itself this summer:

I Capture the Castle // Dodie Smith

Heard about this one first through this podcast and was intrigued both by how it was described and by the fact that it's apparently JK Rowling's favorite book. Hopefully I can find an English copy around here somewhere.

Americanah // Chimamanda Adichie

I'm a bit behind in reading this but I've been hearing such good things and have loved everything else I've ever read/seen from this author so I thought I would add it to the list. 

Delancy // Molly Wizenberg

this has been on my list since reading (and loving) Molly's first book A Homemade Life earlier this year. This one is the story of how her and her husband opened their first restaurant in Seattle. 

Bringing Up Bebe // Pamela Druckermann

So we've started this one already but I thought I would include it on the list. Recently, Waldi and I have been reading this together in the evenings before we fall asleep. It's fascinating and informative and is sparking some great discussions. I'm curious to see how many of these ideas we decide to try out once our little one arrives.

All the Light We Cannot See // Anthony Doer

I'm not sure if it's cheating to include this book, as it was on my last book list as well. But since I didn't get to it (and really want to) I thought I'd add it again. 

Daring Greatly // Brené Brown

So I added this book on a bit of a whim, and we'll see if I manage to get to it. But recently I keep coming across BrenĂ© Brown and her work, and I thought it was time to maybe give it a try. This isn't her newest book (though I'd like to read that at some point as well) but I've heard it's a great place to start so I'm starting here. 

So there we have it. A nicely balanced list of fiction and non-fiction this time around. We'll see how many of these books I managed to get through over the next half year or so. 

As always, please feel free to share any recommendations you have. I love adding books to my TBR list! 


  1. I loved 'I capture the castle' and 'bringing up bebe' - looking forward to hearing how you like them.
    Don't be so sure you won't have time to read. If your baby is anything like mine you'll do little else in the coming weeks (reading is the one thing you can do one-handed while baby nurses or sleeps for hours each day). Since T was born I've read at least 8 books (that i can think of right now). Writing this while he is nursing actually...

  2. Just back from an epic browse at the bookstore - and I even bought a book (unusually for me, I'm a die hard library-goer). But I'm currently ready Jane Smiley's Golden Age, which is the final of a trilogy. I've read quite a few of her earlier books, then came away for a few years, and I am loving this story. It's the tale of an American farming (in the beginning) family over 100 or so years, and it is fantastic. She manages to include all of the different family members' stories and points of view beautifully. Best of luck with your summer list!

  3. Great idea to have a pile of books ready by your bed, your nursing chair and in your maternity bag! (Also don't forget your hubby to pack reading material too, espeacially if it's likely he'll be staying in hospital with you and bubba!)

    I didn't get through any books in those first intense post partum weeks, mainly because I had no choice but to spend all the time that bubba was sleeping resting too, which for me meant no reading or watching movies/TV etc. However, I had spent time filling up my mp3 with podcasts and audio books in the final month before my due date and was so glad to have the comfort of favourite programs and books when I needed them. (I have a wonderful memory of listening to the woolful podcast with Stephen West on a loop in the maternity on the day my milk came in and I was feeling very emotional!)

    But there was one non fiction book (wool related, of course!) that I had with me in the maternity and by my bed when we got home and it really helped to keep me company by reading one slow paragraph at a time here and there, espeacially during those first few weeks of night time feeds when I was struggling to keep awake and before I properly learnt how to feed lying down.

    ps: Would love to read bringing up bebe, I'm curious to know if any of it rings true for us!

  4. I Capture the Castle is one of my favourites too, such a good, classically British book! I've read a couple of Dodie Smith's other books and they were fine, but this one is definitely the best. Hope you get lots of reading time! :)