Wednesday, March 16, 2016

hello 3rd Trimester!

so, I pretty much can't believe we're already into the 3rd Trimester of this pregnancy! Less than 3 months and Baby Werwai will be joining us for real. I'm mostly just trying to enjoy this season and everything that comes with it- collecting things for baby's room, knitting little booties & sweaters, laughing with Waldi at the antics of our little acrobat.

Of course, at times it's so overwhelming to think about us (US?!?) becoming parents. On the one hand, it's difficult to prepare for a change like this, but at the same time it feels like exactly the place we should be. I wonder if all parents-to-be feel something similar? Excitement and anxiety and love and wonder and fear all mixed up into one bundle of, life can sure be crazy. 

We've been enjoying feeling (and watching) our baby kicking away, especially in the evenings (when it's time to go to bed of course..) and debating and discussing names. Slowly I've learned baby's routine a bit, and I'm just trying to enjoy these moments as much as I can, without worrying too much about all the unknowns in the future. 

I've started to read up a little more on the birth and we're excited for our birthing class that starts at the end of the month. I'm a little nervous about learning all this in German but the support of both Waldi and the midwifes at the birthing center here has been keeping me calm and making me feel like I can handle it. I've also been taking a prenatal yoga class for the past few months and I don't think I've ever looked forward to Monday evenings so much in my life! It's been a really great chance for me to focus on my body and breathing and to really take notice of all the amazing changes currently going on. I still am amazed that my sweet little baby is getting all the necessary nutrients and support needed to grow and develop and live these months through my own body. 

Aside from some lower back pain I've been feeling pretty good. Just trying to stay active and eat healthy and take the time to rest when I need it. 

Also I've been knitting up a storm for our little one. There's nothing like making tiny sweaters and hats and booties to make you feel like a productive knitter- the projects are practically flying off the needles. I'm planning to share a whole list of my favorite baby knits so far that will hopefully be ready to share soon! 

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  1. Time goes so fast! Especially from 28 weeks pregnancy! Congratulations on your 3rd trimester! Try to enjoy it as much as possible. You're shining!