Wednesday, January 6, 2016

one word for 2016

savour: 1) to give a savour to; season; flavor 2) to perceive by taste or smell, often with relish 3) to give oneself to the enjoyment of

synonyms include: appreciate, bask, cherish, delight in, enjoy, love, luxuriate in, relish, revel in

German translation: genießen, verkosten (though I can't find a translation I'm really happy with...if you speak German, any suggestions?)

(PS that's not a typo: I use British/Canadian spelling)

Last year was a year for being brave, a year for setting goals. It was a year of changes, many of which we needed to courageously make ourselves. I anticipated this when I chose my one word for 2015. What I did not anticipate was how much bravery I would need in dealing with unpredictable and unforeseen circumstances. It's interesting to me to read this post from this time last year and to see how much still applies, and how much went so differently than I expected. 

But this year. 

This year is not about goals. 

I picked my word for this year back in August, and I must admit it was after I began reading this book. But the idea of it just resonated with me: living your fullest life in the everyday that you find yourself in RIGHT NOW. 

Obviously, there are BIG changes coming for us this year. We're currently in the midst of moving and making room for the arrival of our sweet baby in June. And I've got the to-do lists. I know there's a lot to do and even more to learn as our lives and hearts expand for all that's coming this year. 

But rather than making a list of resolutions, all I want to focus on as the year turns is embracing what is to come. Savouring the everyday, the person I am now, the one I am becoming and the little one that I'm growing. Maybe writing down a few more things so I can remember. 

This life is wild and precious and this year I want to notice that, to fully exist in the everyday and all that comes with it and to be grateful. 

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