Thursday, January 14, 2016

knitting project queue

now that I've almost finished my Tamborine Cardigan (photos coming soon!) I'm feeling really excited and energized to move onto other knitting projects. To say this cardigan bogged me down would be an understatement, but I'm pressing forward and hope to get to a bunch of other projects in the coming months. Here, for organizational purposes (and because it's fun to share) are the projects in my current queue: (note: the bold headers are all Ravelry links for easy access to the patterns)

cotton baby blanket: I've started an improvised, summery, cotton blanket for our June baby. So far so good, though I'm just working on the body. I plan to add some sort of decorative edging but I'm still deciding exactly how I want it to look.

Chai hat: I'm about half way through this project and it's a joy to knit. The pattern is so well written and the design so clever. I'm using the yarn Waldi bought me at Purl Soho in the summer and I can't wait to see the finished project. 

Fika socks: because it's been way too long since I knit a pair of socks for me. I knit Waldi some for Christmas and then made a pair of baby Rye socks a few weeks ago. But I've got that YOTH Little Brother yarn (from my frogged Firenze socks) and I think it would pair lovely with this pattern. 

Brambles Bear: not that Baby Werwai doesn't already have enough stuffies, but I'd really like to try my hand at knitting this. It just looks so cute and charming. 

Rosemont Cardigan: ever since casting off my Lesley sweater, I've been debating which project to knit next from Home and Away. I was torn between Rosemont and Georgetown but in the end, I think Rosemont is a bit more my style and will fit better in my wardrobe. I'm thinking I'll probably go with the recommended Quince and Co Lark but I'm torn on the color! Something light after all that dark purple for sure...

Stripes Baby Sweater: I've had the yarn for this (in grey and white) for months. All that's left is to cast on.

Blóm: my mom is coming to visit us in the early summer, after the baby is born and I'm thinking this design from Mandarine's might make a nice gift for her. I'm hoping it will also be a bit of a relaxing project, and less challenging than a few other items on this list.


  1. I really like your queue project list, especially Rosemont cardigan. Happy knitting!

  2. That Brambles Bear pattern is the cutest. I am planning my next sweater too and I look forward to read which color you decide on for the Rosemont!