Monday, July 6, 2015

June's Project: Pinecone & Mulberry hat

This month's pattern was the Pinecone & Mulberry hat by Melody of Mandarine's. I had knit this last Fall, but ever since then I knew I would want to make a second one. 

This time around I chose a lovely deep plum purple and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The color and shape of this hat somehow remind me of the hat Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (from the graveyard scene) and I have to admit, I kind of love that.

One other thing I will say about this is that I'm always hesitant to share finished photos of hats because unlike with socks, mittens or neckwear, you really can't take a photo without your face in it. Over the past few years I've become increasingly camera shy. But the truth is, this project is about more than just whether or not I'm having a good hair day, or if I like a particular photo of myself. I started this project because I wanted to mindfully support the independent designers who contribute so much to this community. And I wanted to encourage myself to actually wear the items in my handmade wardrobe. And I still believe very much in both of these things. 

Honestly, this knitting journey has challenged me in so many different ways. And for this I'm incredibly grateful. 

And I'm also pretty excited about this hat.


  1. Love the hat-that's such a great color for it :)

  2. Small world I was just listening to this designer on woolful. I think that hat will need to be added to my list for next year projects. I'm sorta doing your handmade wardrobe project next year.