Friday, March 6, 2015

Lonely Girl Salad

During the past (almost!) 3 weeks that Waldi's been gone, I've had a totally messed up cooking schedule. 

There have been days where I have felt totally motivated to make my favorite meals from scratch, creating delicious and ambitious dinners for one. Other times, I've had friends here and have enjoyed cooking for and with them. I made a soup and ate that for more days than I care to admit. 

But then, there are those evenings when cooking dinner for myself is the last thing I feel like doing. It's lonely and depressing and makes me miss Waldi (almost) more than any other time of day. In these moments, I turn to my favorite standby: salad.

Now, before you go about telling me that salad is a side to a meal, not a substitute for a meal itself (I can almost hear Waldi from across 2 continents...) let me just say that my salads are different. Everyone who knows me knows I love to pack them full of healthy deliciousness that leaves you full and satisfied and (apart from maybe a Bionade) not wanting for anything. 

Today I thought I would share my current favorite. I'm calling it Lonely Girl Salad because it's been my good companion over the past few weeks, but it's sure to be a crowd pleaser even if you're currently not feeling very lonely. I've left out including specific amounts so feel free to make a smaller salad to eat as a side, or a larger one to serve to guests.  

you will need:
mixed greens 
sliced cherry tomatoes
avocado (sliced)
mozzarella (sliced)
toasted pine nuts
caramelized onions

balsamic vinegar
dijon mustard
herbs de provence (dried)
olive oil
sea salt and black pepper

for the salad:
really, it's just as simple as adding everything into a bowl. Toast the pine nuts for several minutes in a dry pan before adding as this improves their flavor. To caramelize the onions just fry them in the pan on low heat until they turn soft and translucent. The veggies can really be chopped however you like, but I like to leave my avocado in full slices on top.

for the dressing:
I use an old jam jar with a tight lid to make my dressings, as you can just shake them up to mix, which I find to be quick and easy. Add equal parts balsamic vinegar, mustard and honey to your jar, a sprinkling of the dried herbs, salt and pepper and shake. Then use olive oil to (approx.) double the amount. Shake again very well. 

Then simply add dressing to your salad, pour yourself a delicious beverage, light a candle and settle in with a good book for the perfect Lonely Girl's evening. 

(don't worry, Waldi will be home in a few days...I suspect the amount of drama in this house will then drop significantly)

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  1. Oh, that looks delicious! I love salad as a complete meal. Sorry to hear you're lonely, hang in there!