Monday, March 9, 2015

FO: Hermione's Everyday Socks

In all the excitement about finishing my Lila sweater (proper project photos to come when my personal photographer gets home!) I forgot to share that I also finished my Hermione's Everyday Socks in February. I cast these on back in August, when I finished Waldi's socks, and they've been quietly waiting on my needles every since. 

I really enjoyed making these socks, and love the textured pattern. I'm also very happy with the color I picked- I don't really wear red, but I still wanted a Griffindor-ish color, and I think this raspberry/burgundy was a good compromise! And although I'm probably one of the last people on Ravelry to knit these, I'm really glad I decided to make them. 

I know I've written a lot about these socks already (they've been on my what's on my needles posts sine August after all) so I don't really have too much more to say about them. I will just say that these are the first pair of socks I made for myself that I will actually wear- I'm getting better at picking patterns and colors as I slowly build my handmade wardrobe.

Also, since I started knitting socks last spring, I have definitely become one of those knitters who's always got socks on the needles. No matter how long it takes to get them finished, I like to know they'r always there, waiting for me if I'm in between projects, or need something small and portable for knitting on the go. (or if Waldi decides we need to have a Star Wars marathon and my other projects are too complicated to work on while watching something for the first time).

That being said, about a week after finishing Hermione's socks, I started these. Using thicker yarn and a full mm size larger needles than I normally do for socks and I'm amazed at how fast it's knitting up! Beautiful pattern.


  1. Love these in that colour!
    I've made these myself, but they got given away as a gift. Such a good pattern though, I am probably gonna make them for myself at some point!

    And yeah - I have become one of those knitters too - when I started I was like "if there is one thing I will never get into, it is the socks" and I couldnt understand all these people who had sock after sock after sock in their projects list. Boy did I get to eat my words!

    1. I so know what you mean- I never thought I would ever be interested in knitting socks, and was really surprised last spring when I suddenly had the urge. And now I can't stop! It is such a good pattern- worth making several times over for sure.

  2. Lovely color! I don't know what it is about knitting socks but they are kind of the most addictive project - ever since I learned how to knit them (at 12 or 13) there have been socks on the needles somewhere. I would quit working on them for months and then pick them up again. Socks are cool :)