Monday, January 19, 2015

in my studio: notions and tools

This has been going around Instagram recently (after @fringesupplyco asked...) and I'm a bit late, but in the end I just couldn't help sharing. I'm facinated by the tools knitters choose to use, and what's in their notions pouch or project bags. Since it's hard to put a whole bunch of info & links into an Instagram post, I thought I would share today here as well and provide a little bit more information on where I got all these tools and how I use them!

I've really pared down my notions pouch in the last few months, and now only carry the essentials with me. Here is what I consider essential to happy and comfortable knitting:

a good-sized zip pouch: Mine is handmade in India, purchased from a friend (through this project) years ago. (The button says "Needles to say: I knit" and is from this Dawanda shop)

a small gauge ruler: this is so essential not only for gauge swatches but also for checking progress on WIP's. I use a metal one I inherited from my grandmother but have been thinking of switching to this one for ages!

extra needles: I always keep a few extra needles for whatever project I've got with me. (pictured above are two pairs of Addi Bamboo circular needles- I basically always use bamboo needles and, whenever possible, circulars!)

stitch markers: I use basic black safety pins. These work great both as removable and basic markers. Sometimes I attach a small piece of paper or a bit of coloured yarn to the safety pins if the yarn I'm working with is dark coloured, as they can be hard to see.

small scissors: absolutely essential for knitting on the go! I love my small crane scissors, purchased at a craft store here in Marburg (but these are the same) and I've totally become known among friends for always having scissors on me.

row counter: depending on the project I'm working on, I quite often have this with me to mark my place when having to stop suddenly while knitting on the go. I also inherited this from my Grandmother and love how tiny it is- so easy to take with me.

hand carved crochet hook: I always keep a crochet hook with me for repair work, or picking up a dropped stitch. My favorite hooks were hand carved by a friend of my mom's- a few even from branches in my parent's backyard. They're for sale in this Etsy shop.

beeswax hand balm and lip balm: I never EVER go anywhere without lip balm. My favorite has always been Burt's Bees (pomegranate) but they're a bit hard to find here in Germany, so I found a similar alternative that I've been using recently called Bee Natural. The hand balm was a gift from my aunt, and I've been using it consistantly during the winter as I always have dry hands from the cold.

So there you go. Those are the essential items I alway have with me for knitting in comfort and on-the-go. I suppose not pictured are also my fingerless mitts. I've always got those with me to make sure I don't knit with cold hands as this causes pain in my wrists.

And of course, now I wanna know: what in your tool kit or notions pouch? Or what are your essential tools for happy knitting? 


  1. My kit is almost identical! I always enjoy seeing other peoples knitting stuff...somehow it always looks so much more appealing...I love that button...very tempting :)

    1. I love seeing other people's knitting stuff too- I have no idea why it's so fascinating but it is! I guess a lot of people's kits are pretty similar to mine, but somehow I'm always interested anyways :)

  2. The pouch and scissors are beautiful! Your stuff always looks soo pretty :) I've tried that lip balm too and liked it, but my favorite by far is still the "Speick" lip balm stick, it's pricey but so worth it, really good for dry lips and smells heavenly. Just thought I'd mention it if you're still looking for an alternative.

    1. oh, thanks! I'll look into that for sure. I just started using the other after finding it at dm a month or so ago and I'm always looking for more options!