Friday, January 16, 2015

bread project wrap up

I had so much fun with this project over the past few months. It's a favorite goal from the past year, and one that I'm really happy I managed to see through to the end. I learned so much- made some delicious bread, some mistakes, my own recipe, and a big mess. The whole point of doing this was to discover some recipes that we could really incorporate into our life and kitchen. I feel that in many ways this was a success. 

Here's a short round up of some of my favorites:

bread most likely to be a staple in our kitchen: overnight dutch oven bread. 

This recipe was perfect. Simple, affordable, and delicious. I can see us making this all the time when people come over, or when we just want a simple meal, or when we're invited to someone's house for dinner. It's by far the most versatile and fail safe recipe I tried. 

bread I'm most proud of: garlic and rosemary baguette

This is the winner by a loooong shot. I was stunned when I opened the oven and saw how good this looked and then stunned again when I cut myself a piece and bit in. Delicious and beautiful. Absolutely the most impressive loaf of bread I made during this project.

biggest crowd pleaser: cinnamon pull apart bread

This bread made a lot of people very happy. I enjoyed it myself, but would make a few changes if I were to make it again. (namely: add more cinnamon/sugar topping) I think part of the allure of this bread is how pretty it looks! 

most likely to be given a second chance: soft pretzel buns

These were pretty good when I made them, but as I mentioned, I was missing a key ingredient. They turned out quite different than they were supposed to and don't look much like typical pretzel buns. I'm pretty anxious to give this recipe another try- properly this time.

So, what are some breads that I really wish I'd baked? Well, I was really hoping to try a more complicated recipe for focaccia than the one I normally bake. Not making bagels was a serious oversight I'm still forgiving myself for. I was also hoping to get to Irish Soda Bread, English Muffins, Beer bread, lemon bread, flatbread and skillet bread (among others). I'll be trying more recipes for sure and hopefully sharing occasionally more of my adventures with baking bread soon. I've got a Pinterest board for bread recipes that's growing constantly and substantially so you can find out more about what I'm hoping to try there! Also, if you missed the previous posts about this project, you can read about all the loaves I made here.  

Thanks for following along on this project and for putting up with all the baking posts over the last few months! I'd love to hear if you bake any of these recipes, or if you have any tried and tested favorites, or recipes that are staples in your home!

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  1. For someone who doesn't bake/cook/do anything more than defrosting, I've really enjoyed this series! The garlic and rosemary one sounds amazing, I can't get enough of rosemary :)