Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 easy DIY projects

It's no secret that I believe in sharing and gifting handmade. But even I get overwhelmed this time of year with trying to hit everyone on our list. We're getting pretty close to the big day, so today I thought I would share some ideas for easy and fast DIY gifts that are sure to be crowd pleasers. It really doesn't have to take a lot of time to make something meaningful and practical for your loved ones. I've included variations on each idea so hopefully there will be something for almost everyone! 

1. Cookie Mix in a Jar

I think this is going to be my go-to gift this year. Perfect for those people on your list who already have everything, or for those friends who are always hosting, or for those individuals who no one ever really knows what to get. It's great because you can take your own personal favorite cookie recipe (I made Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut cookies). Then just add a tag with the instructions & wet ingredients, Christmas-y fabric and a small crochet ornament and you're good to go. 

variation: I think it would be fun to try making hot chocolate mix in a jar. You could add marshmallows and tie a candy cane on the outside for a very Christmas-y feel.  

2. Beeswax Candles

The past few months I've been really into making my own candles. I've recycled old candles by melting them together and pouring them into jars or tea cups. I think a hand made beeswax candle in a recycled jam or jelly jar is the perfect gift. (Here's a useful tutorial)

variation: If you're super pressed for time, you could try making rolled beeswax candles. As kids we used to make these every year as gifts for my grandmother. They're fast and simple but also useful. Perfect.

3. embroidered initial art

Ages ago I shared a tutorial for my embroidered ampersand. This really doesn't take long and would be suitable as a beginner embroidery project. I think embroidering a child's first initial in their favorite colour would make a lovely gift to decorate their nursery.

variation: use the same meathod to create a fabric scrap initial. Just cut the letter out of coloured fabric and use back stitch (and colourful thread!) to attach it.  

4. veggie stamped poster

I think this would be a cute gift both in poster size or just a regular notebook-sized paper. Stick it in a vintage or thrifted frame and you're good to go. I must admit, apples are probably a lot more Christmas-y than celery! (I used this tutorial)

variation: use the same method to create greeting cards to give with all your gifts. 

5. Alpine Hat

And finally: for all those knitters out there who enjoy knitting their holiday gifts, this hat is really quick to knit up and would work as a gift for both men and women on your list. You can find the pattern here.

variation: use the same stitch pattern to knit a cowl. Just cast on a larger number of stitches (in a multiple of 4) and you're off!

Do you give handmade gifts during the holidays? If you make any gifts from this list I'd love to see! 


  1. I love this list! I confess to being pretty late with christmas gifts this year, so this might come in handy :)

    1. oh I am so late this year! I'll be taking my own advice for sure. Glad you liked the list, hope you find something on it for someone on your list!