Monday, December 15, 2014

5 Healthful and Comforting Soups

As the holidays approach, we gear up for a lot of celebrations and feasting. We've been baking Christmas cookies, drinking Glühwein at the Christmas market, enjoying Bratapfel at holiday parties and planning our Christmas Day menu. (It starts with cinnamon buns in the morning, and ends with wine & platters of cheese and bread in the evening, with plenty of deliciousness in the middle). Yum!    

Sometimes, in the midst of all the celebrating, it can be so lovely to have a warm and comforting soup bubbling on the stove. In case you're in need of something a little more healthful in the days leading up to the holidays, I thought I would share a list of our all time favorite soups. We really enjoy the simplicity of a meal of soup and bread, and sometimes it's exactly what we need in contrast to all the festivities. 

1. Curry Lentil Soup 

This is my go to soup. I always always have red lentils on hand and can whip it up in my sleep. Originally I used this recipe, but now I tend to mix it up and add different things: sometimes the curry and ginger, sometimes spinach, and sometimes a can of diced tomato. Always carrots.

2. Leek and Potato Soup

Another staple in our house, I most often use this Jamie Oliver recipe.  It's hearty and filling and perfect as a meal all on it's own. 

3. Vegetarian Chili

Though not exactly soup, a good solid vegetarian chili with kidney beans is a perfectly simple and healthy meal. I use this recipe and generally make a loaf of corn bread to go with it. We make this often when we have last minute or surprise guests as it's easy, and has a relatively simple ingredient list. 

4. Pumpkin Soup

(pictured above) I know I know...people are so over pumpkin by now. But I say if you can eat Pumpkin pie at Christmas, then it's still ok to make soup. I've shared the basics to our pumpkin soup before. It's pretty basic, and I'd say the most important detail is that we always blend it up. Recently we've been adding fennel and lots of dried herbs to mix up the flavor. 

5. Yam and Chickpea stew

Again, not technically a soup but so delicious. Over the years we've basically come up with our own recipe, but this is similar (though we eat it with rice not quinoa). We always add carrots and cook the stew down until the yams are falling apart. 

So there you go- our top 5 soups. If you've got a great recipe for one of your favorites, let me know! I'd love to give it a try.

PS: I finally wrote something in German! (der, die, das & co corrected by Waldi of course) You can read the interview on Daniella's lovely blog here.


  1. Argghhh, you almost made me wish it was winter in South Africa, but will be trying it out when it is winter here. Really lovely post.

    1. thank you! glad you liked the list. Enjoy your summer :)

  2. Yum, all of these sound delicious! As do cinnamon buns on Christmas morning. Now I want cinnamon buns for Christmas! (Not gonna happen... we're staying with the boyfriend's parents so breakfast will be toast and jam).

    ~ Bevchen

    1. cinnamon buns are a Christmas tradition at my parents house. But toast and jam sounds yummy too- I eat it quite often in the mornings. Enjoy your Christmas with your boyfriend's family :)

  3. Loved the interview, Ruth! Your german is fantastic!! The soups all sound really good, I will have to try the potato and leek soup, yum :) We make lots of pumpkin ginger soup in winter, it's so nice and warming.

    1. Thanks! It was a bit scary to share something in German but totally worth it :) hope you enjoy the soup if you end up making it!