Wednesday, November 19, 2014

on my needles: November

This post should be describing all the Christmas presents I've got on my needles...but unfortunately I haven't quite gotten there! I am however knitting away so here's a bit more about what I'm working on. 

garter stitch blanket: This has been my comfort knitting project over the past few weeks. Not that I needed to start another blanket, but I was needing something warm and simple and comforting to work on. I adore garter stitch, and this blanket will hopefully be finished up a lot faster than my Beekeeper's Quilt or granny square blanket so I think casting on was a good decision. 

colour block mitts: October was the month for making mitts. I made them for friends, for our Open Hands stands, and for fact, I made so many that I never got around to making the ones I'd planned to knit for myself! So yesterday I cast on for a pair of my own with alpaca yarn I bought in France. They'll be two toned and (for once) not fingerless. I'm excited to be able to start wearing them. 

custom hats: If October was the month for mitts, then November is the month of hats. I'm working on designing and making a few different hats for friends and family and am really happy with how they're all turning out. One of them I loved so much I knit it again directly after finishing so I could keep one for myself.

crochet Christmas ornaments: Last week I made up a quick crochet pattern for some Christmas stars that are quick to make and very festive. Perfect for adding to the outside of gifts for an easy handmade touch. I'll share the pattern here on the blog soon. 

so, that's really about it right now (though I've got to get working on more Christmas presents...sigh...) What have you guys been working on? 


  1. wow sounds like you have been so busy! I agree with you that it is nice to have a project that is garter stitch and quick to knit up and knitting a blanket sounds so comforting right about now when it is getting colder !
    good luck on your WIPs! you still have lots of time for Christmas gifts, I need to start mine too I was busy finishing up my first socks now I am done so back to work! have a good week!


    1. oooh first socks! that's so exciting and totally worth procrastinating on Christmas gifts for ;) Happy Knitting!

  2. I love knitting hats in the cold weather ~ they're quick but give such satisfaction! I'd love to see photos of your new hat designs when you feel ready to share. As for me, I'm trying to finish a cardigan but couldn't resist and cast on a pair of fingerless mitts last night in gorgeous Road to China yarn. Can't wait to return to knitting them after work tonight.

    1. oh I totally understand- I can never resist fingerless mitts, haha! I've never tried Road to China yarn, but I've been hearing lots of good things about it. Hope you enjoy knitting with it!
      Also, if all goes according to plan, I'm hoping to share one of the hats very (very!) soon...

  3. Wow, you knit a LOT! Can't believe how many projects you have on the needles at the same time. I usually just make one thing at a time, right now working on my first hat :)