Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn: a love letter

I am a Fall girl at heart. 

There is just no getting around this. I am a West Coast Canadian- born and raised in a temperate climate where I didn't often need sunscreen and almost never wore a winter jacket. These in between seasons of spring and autumn have been (and always will be) my time. 

But there is something special about Autumn that I just can't get over. 

I love curling up on the couch with plaid shirts & cozy sweaters, steaming mugs of vanilla chai and pumpkin flavored everything. 

Crisp mornings spent beneath the dome of coloured leaves, waiting for the mist to rise, sunlight revealing the rusty tones of an October day. 

I love lighting candles in the early evenings, a warm soup bubbling away on the stove, a loaf of bread in the oven. The calm, even clicking of my knitting needles, and Waldi's occasional page turning the only soundtrack we need. 

Pulling out last years hand knits- the mustard yellows, deep burgundys, forest greens...the never ending shades of brown. Celebrating the hours that went into making each item by wearing them again. 

I love the smell of falling rain on fallen leaves. Of smokey firewood and pine trees and freshly sharpened pencils. Of Thanksgiving day pumpkin pie. Of cinnamon apple cider enjoyed outside around a Halloween bonfire. 

These rituals are a comfort to me, reminding me of my home. These Fall months and days and evenings resonate within me, awakening my senses and calling out my creativity. 

So if you're looking for me in the next few months, you will probably find me standing beneath that tree, smelling those leaves and filled to the brim with joy and excitement.  

And of course, I wanna know- what do you love about Fall? 


  1. Mmh, your descriptions are so vivid, sounds lovely and comfortable. Yes to plaid shirts and cozy sweaters! What I love most about fall is the combination of crisp air filled with the scent of leaves and woodsmoke. Somehow the smell of fire is one of the best smells in the world for me. Fire and horses and wet leaves - heaven!

  2. Your description of plaid shirts, cozy sweaters, a warm drink, and ... knitting is what I most love about autumn, too. I could live in this season year round!

    1. ahhh me too! It feels too short every year...