Monday, October 6, 2014

adventures in baking bread (part 1)

one of my Fall goals is to explore the art of baking bread. The idea behind this is to experiment with a bunch of different recipes, and find a few staples that we can return to again and again. I've decided that during the next 2-3 months, I will try a whole list of recipes- basic breads, sweet breads, even some breads that don't fit into the traditional loaf form. Just me, in my kitchen, kneading dough with my own two hands. (and a very happy husband of course!)

So here's the first three breads I've tried!

sweet bread: Pumpkin Bread

recipe I used: this recipe from A Subtle Revelry blog

my thoughts: this bread was really simple to make and turned out so delicious. I was a bit worried that it would be too dense but in the end it was perfect! 

will I make this again: YES

basic bread: overnight herb bread

recipe I used: this recipe I found through Pinterest

my thoughts: I wanted to try a bread that needed a little longer to rise, as I've never done that before. This dough needed to sit for 18-24 hours. I like the idea of that, as it can be convenient to simply bake it up the next evening but the crust turned out a little too crunchy for us. 

will I make this again: probably not

non-loaf bread: cornbread!

recipe I used: my basic cornbread recipe I've been using for years (I have no idea where I originally got it- Pioneer Woman maybe?)

my thoughts: we love cornbread. It's so simple to make and tastes so delicious with chili or soup, or even just as a side with a giant salad. At some point I'd like to try making it in a skillet, but that's for another bread experiment...

will I make this again: absolutley


  1. I love making bread! I want to try that pumpkin bread recipe. Also, cornbread is basically the best thing ever.