Wednesday, May 28, 2014

thoughts on sock knitting

as I mentioned several weeks ago, I recently started knitting socks. I've been really enjoying the process, though I'm not saying it's for everyone. In my mind, sock knitters are a bit of a sub culture within the broader knitting culture (which I suppose is already a sub culture in it's own right...) Many knitters constantly have a pair on the needles, and it seems most even have their own pattern written up for how they like to make their basic socks. Though it's been little over a month, I am really excited to join this group of enthusiastic sock knitters! Here's where this journey's brought me so far: 

First off, I made Anna Wilkenson's Polka Dot socks. These were a great first sock project! I needed some practice on getting the heel right (again, see this post) but other than that, it was pretty straightforward. There's a lovely ribbing pattern down the back that prevents you from working in stockinette the entire time, and the polka dots added at the end are just too cute! I'm so happy with how they turned out! 

Next I started a pair of self-striping socks for the Homespun House sock KAL. I chose a Rico self-striping sock yarn with tones of peach & mint (my two new favorite colours!) and then cast on using my own calculations for the size that I wanted the socks to be. I decided in the end to try a new heel, and since everyone's been talking about it, I went with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I think this heel looks lovely with self-striping yarn, and it was fairly simple to pick up. I've still got a bit to go on the second foot, but I'm hoping to finish in time for the end of the KAL!

So what's next for me in the world of sock knitting? Well, I would like to really figure out my own basic sock pattern, and get it written down for future use. I've got the stitch count and cuff to the way I want it, but need to fiddle around with how I want the heel to fit, and the decreases for the toe needs some work. After that, I would like to try Hermione's Every Day Socks and maybe a project that incorporates cables? We'll see! 

(side note: I'm very excited to be featured as Cut Out + Keep's Knit & Crochet Superstar this week! Each day of the week there will be a new (free) tutorial that I designed. You can view the projects and read the interview here)

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