Monday, May 26, 2014

a little perspective...and an end to the silence

things have been quiet around here for the last week or so. Saturday marked the end of a week-long break I took from instagram, blogs, and podcasts. It's not that I don't love all these things (because I do) and it isn't that I don't think they're great tools for learning and inspiration (because they are). Rather it was simply that I felt I needed to turn down the noise a little bit, and get a change of perspective. Find inspiration in reading a novel, going for a bike ride, starting a new craft project, or sharing a simple meal with friends. I do all of these activities on a regular basis, but something about deliberately bringing myself to a quieter state of mind really opened my eyes to how delightful they each are. I am so thankful for this simple and endlessly beautiful life I've been given. 

so, I'm back to sharing here regularly again. But you can bet I'll be doing this again some time. 

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