Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marburg in the Spring

I've been mentioning recently that Spring has arrived in Marburg, and today I thought I would show you. Last week, Waldi and I managed to both take a full day off (the same day even!) and we spent it wandering the streets of the Oberstadt (old city), hoping in and out of bookshops, drinking espresso at a sidewalk cafe and reading in the park. Here are a few shots from the day. 

This is such a cute little corner of the city. I love the flowers planted on the edges of this little path (and of course, the red door!)

I just love the color of this bike that someone left parked in one of my favorite reading spots! 

I also love Magnolia trees. They bloom for such a short time, but it sure is lovely! 

It's even spring outside one of my favorite cafes! 

A group of women meet every Sunday to crochet together, and then decorate items in their neighborhood. Maybe I'll have to join them one of these weeks!

the view from another one of my favorite reading spots. Everything's prettier with a few blossoms.

And there you have it- a few shots of a wonderful day. 

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