Wednesday, February 19, 2014


(a quiet moment working on a pair of market mitts)

(morning light streaming into my workspace)

I've never been able to call myself a morning person. 

But since beginning to learn German, I have discovered a new and wonderful word: Vormittags

This is the word that Germans use to describe that late morning period- you know, before lunch, but after those few unearthly hours before coffee...

This time (between 8:30ish and noon) is one of my favorite parts of the day. On days when I'm able to work from home, I like to drink my coffee slowly while working on creative projects or reading through my favorite blogs. Then comes a few very productive hours of work- writing, studying, designing, or working on administrative tasks for my shop. 

I love the quiet of this time, the possibility and freshness of a new day full of the small wonders and simple pleasures that are around all the time, if only we take a moment to notice.

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