Wednesday, December 11, 2013

in my studio: a day in the life

a lot of people ask me what it is I do all day. Just what does it take to run a little handmade business like mine? I thought I would share what a typical "shop day" looks like for me:

My mornings are usually filled with coffee, emails, and other behind the scenes tasks that go into making the shop run smoothly. This is when I process orders, re-list items, and respond to conversations on Etsy or blog comments. I also prep text for blog posts and keep up to date on the various social media networks I use for promotion. 

Once these necessary tasks are out of the way, I package up any orders I have and take them to the post office. Sometimes I'll run errands on my way home, picking up groceries or yarn I may need for new projects. At this point I usually try and get a bit of housework done. I find it breaks up my day nicely and helps me refocus a bit. 

Afternoons are when I get a lot of crafting done. I will work on any open orders I have, or make items for my stocklists. This is also when I design new products for the shop. Time passes quickly, with yarn, tea, and music or podcasts to keep me company.

Pretty much every evening I make dinner for Waldi. (or, if he gets home early enough, we cook together). I find that I look forward to this simple act at the end of my work day. Cooking is a creative process in and of itself, and I love making meals I know Waldi will enjoy after his own long day at work or school. Often in the evenings I will keep working on projects for the shop, while talking to Waldi about his day, or watching a movie together. If it's not too busy, then I try and take some time to read or work on personal craft projects.

And there you have it. A typical shop day for me!

Also, as mentioned previously, I no longer have hand knits available in the shop, as I'm headed home for Christmas tomorrow. I still can't believe I'm really going home- feels too good to be true. I doubt I'll really believe it until we touch down on Vancouver ground again. Anyways, patterns will still be available and I'll be fully open again in January! 
I'll still be stopping in here every once in awhile to record what's happening, but to follow along more closely, feel free to join me on Instagram

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  1. Have a good time and a merry, merry Christmas!

    Ich freue mich schon, wenn es hier wieder "normal" zugeht
    Lieben Gruß