Wednesday, November 6, 2013

another 10 things

1. I spell colour like a Canadian. 

2. We are not sporty people. In fact, the other day we had a conversation about how funny it would be if our kids are athletic and we end up spending every weekend on the soccer field. The thought is too funny. We like hiking. And riding bikes. And that's about it.

3. I love it when the weather gets cooler and people start wearing hand-knits outside. If you live in Marburg and are wearing something hand knit, this explains why I was staring at you. 

4. I would really love it if Hermione would teach me that spell she uses (in HP4) to stop her hair from being frizzy. My hair is stuck somewhere between curly and straight. Very unfortunate.

5. we have been living in Germany for 14 months, and I am only now starting to find my place. These things take time.

6. Too bad I am very impatient. Especially with myself. 

7. Being married to Waldi has made me a huge fan of Hans Zimmer. Seriously. (If you don't know who this is, you need to fix that NOW). Being married to me has taught Waldi to tell the difference between knitting and crochet. I'm very proud. 

8. I love names that start with the letter "O". 

9. By the end of this winter, I would like to have finished my first sweater. This may be unrealistic as I recently abandoned the one I started as I was not happy with the colours. I am thinking of this one instead. 

10. One of my favorite things in the entire world is LOVING a book I wasn't expecting to be that good. This is currently happening to me with The Last Runaway (by Tracy Chevallier).   

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