Monday, November 4, 2013

in my studio: knitting therapy

a few days ago, I stumbled across this post from the VERY early stages of this blog. This past week I have been mostly writing up patterns for a large custom order for the shop and it's not all been smooth going. I was getting super frustrated, having to rip out and re-do my work more times than I'd care to remember...
I am not the most graceful re-knitter to say the least. 

But all this got me thinking...

to me, knitting is really about the process. Of course, I love having a finished item that I can wear and love. I REALLY love making something for another person to wear and love, putting all the love and positive thoughts I possibly can into the making of it. 
But that's just it. The making of it. I knit for the process. I knit because it's fun. Because it makes me feel connected not only to what I am making, but to the generations before me who have used the same traditional handcrafting methods. Because to spend so much time on one item in a world where everything moves so quickly seems subversive to me. Rebellious almost. And I love that. 
And really, why am I suprised? I'm slowly starting to accept in many areas of my life that it's all about the process. This just seems like a reflection of that fact. A reminder that sometimes there are things to be learned along the way that cannot be learned by getting it right the first time round. (the perfectionist in me is DYING right now...) Arg, who would have thought knitting could be like therapy?!

Of course, there is an element to all these things in every form of craft. But for me, knitting is something special. Perhaps it's because it's the craft of choice for the women in my family. I am not entirely sure. But the act of using two sticks to turn a pile of string into a handmade work of art is magic to me. 

Yes, even when it doesn't go quite right on the first time around. 

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