Wednesday, July 17, 2013

small steps

a few weeks back, I shared some of my personal summer goals here on the blog. These were a few of the things I wanted to do for myself this summer. Nothing to do with work, or German or anything like that. 

On the list was finding a Community Garden plot for our family. This has been harder that I expected. Community Gardens are different here than in Vancouver- many are expensive, and more often than not, the garden plot is a small yard enclosed with a fence or hedge. This isn't exactly what we are looking for.

So it's been a little frustrating. 

And in the meantime, I have decided to start small. As of last week, I am now growing basil, chives, and parsley on our window sill. I also have mint and lavender plants in the living room now. Perfect for an evening cup of tea! (if you've never tried the combination, you really should.)
It's not much, I know... but it's about all I can do in our small 2-room apartment without a balcony. And it makes me happy.

And starting small is never a bad thing. Especially when the current alternative is to do nothing at all. 

(PS: the credit for the lovely writing on the mini-chalkboards goes to my lovely and talented sister!)

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