Friday, July 19, 2013

my creative space

a few months ago, my husband and I rescued this cabinet from the dumpster behind our apartment buildings. 

Being the wonderful husband he is, Waldi sanded it up and added two hand-painted doorknobs. He then left it standing empty in a rather awkward corner of our living room. 

I had been thinking about how to carve out a tiny creative space for myself in our one-bedroom-5th-floor apartment. Usually I work from our living room table which is next to two giant North-West facing windows. The view is spectacular- it includes an old, weathered Schloss (castle) on top of a hill, so I mean really, a girl can't complain. 

But I was in need of somewhere I could store some craft supplies, and, lets be honest, a space I could pretty up, and fill with what inspires me. And so, I filled it up. And decorated it. And made it mine.

My space. 

Add a basket for my yarn and a lavender plant and you have a pretty good space.

It's not perfect yet, and I have a ton of ideas- things I would like to add, ways I would like to use it to it's full storage space potential. 

But for now, my yarn and thread and stamps and button jar have a home. 

And I have a space to leave a few creative messes lying around along the way. 

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