Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Project Planning: what to do with a skein or two of Origin

Wondering what you could do with just one or two skeins of Origin? Personally I think you've got a ton of options- our yarn is a dk weight, and I've found through knitting with it personally that it actually lends itself quite well to a wide range of projects and patterns. Here's a little round up of what I've been knitting (and am planning to knit!) using Origin:

One Skein Projects:

Obviously some of my very VERY favorite projects are the patterns my friends designed specifically for Origin. You may remember the Lahn Hat, designed by Verena of The Wool Club for our shop launch. I absolutely adore my Lahn hat- it's the warmest, coziest hat I've ever knit and I wore it all winter long. You can view and purchase that pattern here.

And then there are of course the Waveform Mittens which were designed by Becky of Soprano Knits. These simple mitts are so cute and functional. They've quickly become a wardrobe staple for me. You can view and purchase that pattern here.

While we're on the subject of mittens, I also think the Moorland Mittens are a great match for Origin. This is a pattern I designed myself a few years ago and then knit up this fall using r&s mill spun yarn dyed with walnuts. It's another simple "workhouse" mitten pattern- just the thing to pair with our yarn.

If you've got children (or are interested in knitting for a friend's little one) I've also seen some really lovely versions of the Naturkinder Cough Shirt and I think our cream color way would be soft enough to make this for a toddler or young child. I've got to get one on the needles for my own little one soon! 

Another good project (one that my friend Simone of Ink & Soil made with her skein of Origin) is the Middle Fork hat, a pattern available in the Tolt Yarn and Wool Ravelry store here.

And finally, something I discovered when working on my Arboreal pullover (pictured above) is that Origin lends itself super well to mixing in with other dk or worsted weight yarn in color work. This is a really great way to use our yarn with something you already have in your stash to create something amazing! (In my sweater I've paired it with Gilliat from one of my favorite yarn companies- De Rerum Natura)

Two or more Skeins:

One project I'd really like to knit out of a skein of Origin is the Winter Morning socks by my friend Jess from Shop La Mercerie. Ever since Jess published this pattern I've been itching to cast it on. I think the cream colorway would be a perfect main color, with a second mini skien naturally dyed for the contrast? (I'll be offering naturally dyed skeins in the shop coming up soon, or you could try your hand at it yourself!)

Personally I am DREAMING of a shawl in Origin. There are several that I think would work really well and one of my very favorite options is the Regen Shawl designed by Shannon Cook. This shawl takes just 3 skeins of dk weight yarn so if you've got a skein or two already, you could consider stopping by our next shop update to get a few more to make the project. 

And finally- sweaters! I'm planning to make both Waldi and I a sweater out of this first run of Origin. Waldi's will be the Fort sweater by Jared Flood in grey (pictured above). For myself I'm dreaming of Sauvabelin (from WOODS) in cream. Can't wait to cast on.

If you've got a skein of Origin (or are thinking about purchasing one in our shop update next Thursday) and are wondering what projects would be good, or just want to chat about what to cast on please do get in touch with me (hello@raincloudandsage.com) I'd love love LOVE to chat project planning with you. 

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  1. Oh that colour work yoke made me swoon! Your tarn is knitting up so beautifully in it Ruth! And I wonder how you are getting on with the Fort sweater this time round?

    As for my plans with your yarn - I had originally planned a Cough vest for the grey skeins for Ilyas, how funny that I'm not alone in that idea! (I'm thinking of overdyeing it with either madder root or weld as all of a sudden Ilyas is excited by colour!

    As for the white skeins, I am saving them for the summer when I will knit myself a Homestead shawl. Yvonne (Papille) kindly sent me her left overs from her own Homestead shawl project as I wouldn't otherwise of quite had enough, as we knit our Treysta sweaters side by side it seemed so lovely to also have twin shawls!