Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Let's Talk About Hats!

After a summer full of fingering weight shawls, I have completely embraced the start of Fall and with it- HATS! 

You guys, hats are awesome. First of all, they are so fast to knit, it's unbelievable. You can just crank those babies out one after another...well, not quite. But that's the feeling I have after all those miles and miles of fingering weight...

I have big plans for hat knitting over the next few weeks and months. The truth is, I haven't had the best of lucks with hats in the past. I've chosen the wrong yarn or the wrong pattern or made the wrong size and I actually have very few hats that I'm completely happy with. So my goal this year is to change that. I've been on the hunt for patterns and have found some gorgeous ones. Today I thought it would be fun to share a little list of those with you all- my hat queue, if you will: 

1. Braddock
This is a super lovely chevron-y hat with a double brim, knit in dk weight and designed by Christina Danaee. I'm seriously in love with the photos- if you haven't seen them yet, you really must check it out. I've got a skein of dk weight in my stash, from Mineville Wool Project that I've been hanging onto for ages, in search of the perfect project. Perhaps this is it...? 

2. Vanilla Fog
This is a two-tone hat, knit in squishy brioche designed by Andrea Mowry. I've been itching to knit more brioche after finishing my shawl and a hat seems like the perfect thing to make next. I love the two tones that the sample is knit up in and actually have the perfect yarn in my stash for this- colorwise but not weight-wise sadly. I'm wondering if I can make a worsted weight version of this pattern...?

3. Picos de Europa 
Designed by Verena Cohrs (of The Wool Club) for the WOODS crowdfunding campaign, this is also a dk weight pattern, with a really lovely woodsy stitch pattern. It's been on my list since the crowdfunding went live, and I'd really like to get it knit up in the next month or two.

4. Mizzin 
So- colorwork. I've not done much of it, but I absolutely fell in love with this hat, designed by Claire Walls and I'm thinking I'm going to have to give it a go. This is knit using fingering weight- and I must say, I don't know that I've ever knit a hat using anything lighter than a dk weight, so I'm excited to try it! 

5. Skiff
This is a bit of an older pattern and I've seen some seriously lovely versions floating around on Instagram and Ravelry. Would love to make one myself, maybe in Quince & Co Lark, since I've got a few skeins in my stash. 

Bonus: Dubliner Hat (pictured above)
So this is my own pattern but I'm sharing it here because I really genuinely love it. I've just finished one for a friend and am thinking that I might need to make another for myself! 

So those are at the top of my queue right now but I also really love this this and this!! What about you guys- any hat patterns to recommend?? 

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