Tuesday, August 29, 2017

swatch diaries- brioche & my summer project

Today it's time for the second installment of my swatch diaries series- brioche! 

This summer I've been working on the gorgeous Briochealicious shawl by Andrea Mowry and it's been such a fun project. I've been wanting to try brioche knitting for ages and this seemed like the perfect introductory project- simple enough for a newbie like me and not so overwhelming thanks to the garter stitch panels in between. Not to mention it's wearability- and the fact that it's simply stunning.

Okay so onto my swatch: I used Tosh Merino Light (from Madeline Tosh) for this project (colorways: Antler, Glazed Pecan, Heartbeat and Venetian) purchased at Valley Yarns in Surrey back in March. I also took Nancy Marchant's brioche class on Craftsy back in June to give me a little more confidence in mastering this stitch. I would recommend that to anyone feeling intimidated by Brioche. 

In the Craftsy class I made a swatch, learning both brioche knit & purl stitches as well as one and two color brioche. It was such fun and really prepared me well for knitting this shawl. 

The funniest part of all this is that I don't actually have a photo of my swatch. When finishing it, I was too excited and cast on my shawl immediately, thinking I'd just snap a photo later. But I can't find it! So sad! But anyways, I still wanted to share about this swatch & project, so the photos of my WIP will have to do!

Have y'all tried brioche? What's been your experience with it? 

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  1. I've only knit one brioche hat, but I loved it! It was the Vintage Prim by Andrew Mowry. It was two color brioche and had lots of increases and decreases, but the brioche was only one panel on the side and the rest was knitting and purling which was nice because the brioche wasn't too overwhelming. The colors you chose for your shawl are gorgeous!